News: Grant Morrison Scripting a ROGUE TROOPER Movie

Written by Chris Holt Tuesday, 04 October 2011

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With DREDD in post production it’s understandable that studios might be looking at other 2000AD characters with an eye on production should Judge Dredd mark 2 be a success. Turns out that Rogue Trooper is in development through Mr Bland himself: Sam Worthington and his production company, but none other than Grant Morrison (ARKHAM ASYLUM) is currently writing the screenplay.

ROGUE TROOPER concerns a blue skinned Genetic Infantryman on a devastated Earth where North and South are constantly at war. Fallen soldiers personalities can be stored on biochips and uploaded into new genetically created bodies. The comic was created by Dave Gibbons and Gerry Finley Day and first appeared in 2000AD back in 1981.

No casting or director has been announced yet as it’s still early days. Morrison is keeping himself busy at the moment as he is also currently scripting the intriguing sounding DINOSAURS VS. ALIENS for MEN IN BLACK director Barry Sonnenfeld.

So what do you think? I’m not familiar with the material really aside from a few odd issues bought on rainy caravan holidays back in the 80s. Who would be the ideal director to tackle this material?

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