Entire Plot Revealed for THE FANTASTIC FOUR?

Written by Andrew Pollard Tuesday, 18 November 2014

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Right, before we get into this, take all of what you read below with a huge pinch of salt for now. Ever since 20th Century Fox announced their plans to reboot THE FANTASTIC FOUR, certain elements of the redo haven’t sat well with fans. Still, until the film actually hits the big screen we won’t know quite how good or bad this latest attempt at the FF will be. Mind you, stories like this do not do Josh Trank’s movie any favours.

A script has surfaced on the likes of Reddit and 4Chan, as reported by AceShowBiz, that apparently outlines the story of the FF reboot. Nobody involved in the film has confirmed that the script is official, hence treating this purely as a rumour for now, but a lot of what’s included in the script lines up with what we’ve been hearing about the film. So, with that said, anything after this point is to be treated as potential spoiler territory.


- Reed Richards and Ben Grimm work together in a convenience store, becoming close friends due to problems at their respective homes; Reed’s parents don’t have any time for him, whilst Ben’s father is abusive towards his son.

- Reed pens a paper on teleportation for community college that catches the eye of one Dr. Franklin Storm, CEO of the Baxter Building Research Centre.

- Dr. Storm has a natural son, Johnny, and an adoptive daughter, Sue. Sue’s real father was a partner of Dr. Storm’s and died in an experiment. Both Johnny and Sue are more interested in partying than science, and Sue and Reed are initially not fans of each other.

- The villain of the film, Victor Doomashev, is an anti-social Eastern European computer programmer who uses the online moniker of “Doom”. He has a disdain for the 1%, particularly Dr. Storm, whom he believes exploits science for profit.

- Dr. Storm uses Reed’s research work to finalise some equations on a machine that grants access to another dimension dubbed the N-Zone. Storm invites Reed, Ben, Johnny and Sue to watch the machine’s first use – sensible parenting, right there, kids – and things go a tad array.

- “Doom” infiltrates the Baxter Building’s servers and hacks Dr. Storm’s machine with a virus, causing the tech to explode. Reed, Ben, Johnny and Sue wind up exposed to otherworldly energy and become mutants (the dreaded “M” word that Marvel Studios apparently can’t use these days) with uncontrollable powers.

- In order to help out the younglings, Dr. Storm creates containment suits for the four (which matches up to what Michael B. Jordan has previously mentioned). The newly-affected foursome begin training to control their powers, whilst Reed and Dr. Storm being to work on a way to revert the accident. At this stage, Sue resents Reed for the whole thing, although they soon become friends and more. It’s also worth noting that Ben Grimm can apparently turn off his powers when not in danger, whilst Johnny Storm changes colour based on heat intensity. Sue’s powers border on telekinetic, whereas Reed is the usual Reed Richards that FF fans will be familiar with.

- After “Doom” finds out about the new powers of the future FF team, he becomes a little miffed to have missed out and so concocts a plan to break into the Baxter Building in order to access the N-Zone after rebuilding Dr. Storm’s machine. This is where the Doombots, already confirmed to appear in the film, come into the equation, with Doom reprogramming some stolen military drones and sending them to attack the Baxter Building in order to distract the four “mutants”.

- “Doom” successfully gets Dr. Storm’s machine working and develops some powers of his own that allow him to control machines and to fire energy blasts from his body. This process causes Storm’s machine to go haywire and puts the city at risk.

- To save the day, Reed, Ben, Johnny and Storm head into the N-Zone and fight “Doom” whilst Dr. Storm does his best to turn off the machine. All of the good guys manage to escape, whereas “Doom” becomes trapped in the N-Zone and also becomes disfigured after absorbing too much energy. Similarly, Ben Grimm absorbs a powerful hit in order to protect Reed, with this hit causing Ben’s rock form to become permanent.

- When all’s said and done, the four super-powered heroes form a team and Reed promises to find a cure for Ben’s now-permanent rock form.

So, there we have it. As mentioned, treat all as this information as purely rumour and speculation for now, although a lot of the above details do match up with what we’ve heard previously about the movie.

Directed by Josh Trank, starring Miles Teller as Reed Richards, Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm, Kate Mara as Sue Storm, Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, Reg E. Cathey as Dr. Franklin Storm and Toby Kebbell as Victor Doomashev, THE FANTASTIC FOUR is set for an August 7th, 2015 release.


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+2 #2 Isaac J Harris 2014-11-19 20:43
This might actually suck more than the other 2 FF movies. That's kind of impressive, really.
+2 #1 Christian Jones 2014-11-18 15:42
Dear God... NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! !

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