News: Warner Bros Heading Back Into THE TWILIGHT ZONE

Written by Chris Holt Saturday, 01 October 2011

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Warner Bros is now in active development on a new TWILIGHT ZONE movie for the big screen. This will be the second time the classic TV series has been filmed for the cinema, the previous attempt being the 1983 version which was directed by Steven Spielberg, John Landis, George Miller and Joe Dante. The new movie is being developed by Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way and THE ASTRONAUT'S WIFE director Rand Ravich writing the screenplay.

More exciting is the fact that this will apparently be a single storyline affair unlike the 1983 film and Warner Bros have a list of directors they are pursuing that reads like a who’s who of acclaimed talent from the last few years: Christopher Nolan (THE DARK KNIGHT etc), Michael Bay (erm... TRANSFORMERS), Alfonso Cuaron (CHILDREN OF MEN), David Yates (HARRY POTTER) and Rupert Wyatt, fresh from this summer’s surprise hit RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES.

Given his previous relationship with DiCaprio, Nolan is apparently the top choice to get the offer but who knows where he is going to go once THE DARK KNIGHT RISES shoot has wrapped.

The 1983 film is perhaps best known for the tragic on-set accident that occurred, leading to the death of actor Vic Morrow and the ensuing legal entanglements that kept entertainment lawyers in trouser braces for a number of years.

The title has a certain amount of appeal to genre fans over a certain age but I would argue that the ‘key demographic’ has no clue what the hell THE TWILIGHT ZONE is. It could of course result in the biggest misunderstanding in box office history as tons of young females flock to the movie expecting to see a shirtless, glittery Robert Pattinson.

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0 #1 Robin Pierce 2011-10-02 06:46
(sigh) Kids nowadays..... but it DOES give me an idea for a kickass Future Imperfect article. (TZ is still my all-time favourite TV series.)

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