Gaming News: WORLD OF WARCRAFT Updates Character Models

Written by Dominic Cuthbert Friday, 24 January 2014

Gaming News

There’s always been something a bit off about the human design in Blizzard’s ubiquitous WORLD OF WARCRAFT. From the first inception to the current expansion (MISTS OF PANDARIA) there have been gradual and noticeable visual improvements. Blizzard has released an updated character model for the human female. They had the tricky job of improving their character models, but needing to keep the same cartoon quality that gave the expansive game such a distinct feel.

There is a greater emphasis on muscle structure and a far more expressive face, one with a greater range then previous incarnations. ‘With the revamp, we’re completely overhauling every aspect of the player models...’ senior art director Chris Robinson stated.’ We'll feel like we've succeeded if you see the updated version of your character and it still feels like you’re looking at the character you've been playing for the past however many years--only someone has finally focused a lens.’

Blizzard announced at 2013’s Blizzcon that plans have been made to update all eight character models, giving the whole game an aesthetic recharge. Cynics may argue that following huge player losses Blizzard are attempting desperately to keep their stranglehold on the market. There has been growing debate regarding the MMO genre and its place in the industry in 2014, with WoW regarded as a fluke, an anomaly whose massive popularity is unlikely to ever be reproduced by another MMORPG.

The updates follow in a trend of re-working beloved and acclaimed games, such as the ground-breaking X-Box exclusive FABLE, now celebrating its tenth birthday. The gap between release and HD re-release is getting continually smaller. The 2013 update of TOMB RAIDER has been given a swanky HD overhaul for next gen platforms.

Blizzard plans to rerelease regular updates showcasing the revamped character models. WARLORDS OF DRAENOR is the fifth expansion, it introduces new zones and an increased level cap of 100. There is currently no release date scheduled.

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