Gaming News: SPACE HULK: DEATHWING To Receive OCULUS RIFT Support?

Written by Callum Shephard Thursday, 23 January 2014

Gaming News

Despite a lack of screenshots or further trailers for the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 FPS, some new information has been given over Twitter revealing capabilities previously not announced with the title’s release. On his account, Arthur Tolmie, owner of Colchester’s Xbox 360 gaming centre Xtreme Gaming, claims to have been given an early look at the title on the Oculus Rift.

While very brief, Tolmie’s excitement for the game was evident:

"I got a very early look at @SpaceHulkFPS today including on the @oculus - as a long time fan I can tell you this is going to be incredible!"

"Honestly can't get over how good it was walking around as a Terminator in Space Hulk whilst using the Oculus Rift. 40k wet dream basically."

As this was re-Tweeted by the Space Hulk Twitter account promoting the game, it seems that this is more than just an unfounded statement.

This is the first we have heard of Space Hulk: Deathwing receiving any kind of release on the Oculus, but if true then it could be a major edge to work in the game’s advantage. Previous Space Hulk video games, barring Vengeance of the Blood Angels, were all extremely tactical squad based titles rather than first person shooters. It’s abandoning many of the strengths the series is known for in favour of a single perspective needs an edge, and perhaps the atmosphere offered by the Warp tainted derelict could offer just that.

From the extreme caution required when scanning for hostile lifeforms, advancing through haunted alien craft, perhaps even encountering daemonic entities still present within the vessel could all lend themselves well to building a chilling atmosphere. Perhaps something close to what Aliens: Colonial Marines seemed to be promising in its promotional material, but with less bugs and more genestealers.

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