Gaming News: ETERNAL CRUSADE Developer Hints At Night Lords Inclusion

Written by Callum Shephard Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Gaming News

In a post on the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 MMO’s forums, one of the game’s developers has strongly alleged that the Night Lords legion will be present as a faction. In a thread discussing the game’s cosmetic items Art Director Ghislain Barbe stated the following:

“Regarding Night Lords, i personally want those gauss lightning running over the armours so we are for sure going to try and go as far as possible in that direction, we tweaked particle work done for something else to test it and I really want us to push further on this one. But it's something that can easily become heavy performance wise, so I’m not selling my soul to any god on that one yet but rest assured I will pull a good fight.”

What many have noted is that the post does not say that the development team are considering including the Night Lords as a whole. Instead it speaks only of implementing the iconic look of their armour and testing how it would work in the title. There has been no official confirmation of their inclusion following this, but there have been continual threads and talk of including factions. While four Space Marine chapters are currently known, with the same number of Orks Clans, only the Iron Warriors have been listed for Chaos and no Craftworlds have been listed for the Eldar.

Should the Night Lords be included, it will mean that Eternal Crusade will contain several of the more uncommon legions usually ignored in these games. Many better recognised by players are the Black Legion, the personal force of Warmaster Abaddon, and the four legions who devoted themselves purely to a single god: The World Eaters, Death Guard, Thousand Sons and the Emperor’s Children. Both the Night Lords and Iron Warriors are typically undivided in their worship, which could suggest more freedom in advancing a character within the game and choosing which daemonic gifts they take.

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