Gaming News: CALL OF DUTY Fans Riot at Promotional Event

Written by Callum Shephard Saturday, 26 October 2013

Gaming News

Call of Duty: Ghosts News

A promotional hand-out of two hundred Prestige Edition copies of Call of Duty: Ghosts turned ugly this weekend. Held in Italy at the Milan’s Games Week event, Activision had planned to hand out five hundred copies of the title to fans on a first come first serve basis.

Vast crowds had formed around the Activision Booth where this was being held in a relative line, but things slowly turned ugly. Determined to get to the front and secure a copy of the bundle which would have otherwise cost over a hundred Euros, some fans began pushing before acts of violence eventually erupted within the crowd.

While no injuries were thankfully reported, the Activision booth suffered such severe damage in what followed that it was forced to be closed by the company until they could restore it to some degree.

Some videos on YouTube have already emerged displaying the damage to the Activision booth such as the example taken by David Nasri after order was restored. While the section of the convention was hardly demolished, the damage to the structure is obvious with massive dents and tears.

While Call of Duty is an understandably popular game in Italy as it is everywhere else, this is a reminder of why video games are still not taken seriously by many. It’s hard to defend it as an art form or serious medium when fans of some of the most popular releases at this time can be reduced to shameful acts of violence with little prompting. 

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