Gaming News: All TITANFALL Campaign Maps Available In Multiplayer

Written by Callum Shephard Thursday, 24 October 2013

Gaming News

Of all the next gen titles coming out with the PS4 and Xbox One, Titanfall is one of those gathering the most hype. Being a promising new IP, not to mention the involvement of huge mecha, it’s not hard to see why. Now, with the news of extensive multiplayer maps there are even more reasons for people to be excited.

Reported on OXM in an interview with game producer Drew McCoy, the developer revealed that every map utilised in the campaign would have a multiplayer mode version of it. While the campaign itself will not be single player, or a series of basic tutorials as with the likes of Starhawk, McCoy stated, "The campaign plays the levels with their missions in a specific order to tell the story.” Despite this, he stated that the campaign will “take the bits and pieces you’re used to having in single-player, like a story and characters” confirming that it will not be completely without plot or distinguishable figures. He further outlined that “Each campaign level has its own game mode - it's not like you'll play Attrition, then another time you'll play a different mode. In the campaign, Angel City is Attrition. That's the story for that level."

McCoy has previously stated that these maps can be played without campaign objectives should players desire to do so. While the article itself stated not to take his word as Gospel, it would offer a more generic deathmatch and fighting segment that some players may favour. Both for the basic simplicity of it and the more familiar feel of freedom from objective restrictions found in various FPS titles over the past few years.

Titanfall is set for release in the UK on the 14th March 2014, a few days after America and the rest of Europe.

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