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Written by Callum Shephard Saturday, 05 October 2013

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Total War - Rome 2 News

Following its launch, repairs on Total War: Rome 2 continue with major patches to the game to sort out major problems with multiplayer, balance and AI designs. With the fourth major patch having been recently released, it’s clear just how extensive work on the game continues to be.

Despite claims that the game had one of the largest budgets the series had seen thus far, and a surprisingly glowing critical response from many media outlets, Total War: Rome 2 had serious problems on launch. In an event reminiscent of Sword of the Stars 2, the title was extremely rough around the edges with well-recognised reviewers such as Joe Vargas heavily criticising the game’s performance. Further videos only proved this with certain units missing and errors such as landing ships merrily sailing across land.

Thankfully rather than ignoring these flaws Creative Assembly is working around the clock to deal with the game’s problems, with their fourth patch just being released as beta yesterday. While there is no specific area of focus, everything from basic pathfinding to enemy construction AI is being dealt with. Listed among them are a number of game-breaking problems such as certain units being unable to disembark ships, thus not be engaged by the opposing side, and even visual details. Carthaginian forces now have greaves on units which previously lacked them.

While such improvements are appreciated, and Creative Assembly themselves have apologised to customers, the question of how acceptable it is to release a game in this state is still one being asked. The reasons for the poor quality of the aforementioned Sword of the Stars was something explained by Paradox as a result of financial difficulties, and led to a pledge to improve quality. Creative Assembly seemed to have few of the problems detailed and there seems to be no legitimate reason for Rome 2 to have been released in this state.

The full list of patch improvements can be found here, listing well over a hundred details to be improved upon.

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