Gaming News: ASSASSIN’S CREED 4 To Use Kinect

Written by Callum Shephard Wednesday, 02 October 2013

Gaming News

Speaking to Digital Spy, director of ASSASSIN’S CREED 4: BLACK FLAG Ashraf Ismail confirmed that Xbox One copies of the game will have players utilise the Kinect for its gameplay. While he refused to disclose exactly how the motion capture device would be used in the game, wanting to keep it a secret, he specified that it was only a minor part of the game:

"We do have a little bit, a touch of a feature on the Kinect […] For the Kinect, it's a tiny little thing,”

This will be similar to how PS4 copies will use their controllers’ touchpads to a degree, but already some understandable concern has been shown over this. Responses on websites such as N4G suggested that this addition would drive a number of people to buying the PS4 copy, which already has additional characters and an hour of content over the Xbox One release, as a result of having to use the device. This negative reaction can be put down to Microsoft’s initial efforts to make it mandatory just to make the console run, which were thankfully reversed some time ago, and the stigmata attached to the Kinect thanks to prior releases.

Games based around the sensor’s use on the Xbox 360 such as STEEL BATTALLION: HEAVY ARMOUR and STAR WARS KINECT were heavily criticised, and regarded as borderline unplayable in many situations and extremely unwieldy thanks to poor programming and use of the sensor. There are only a handful of titles such as GUNSTRINGER that received positive reception upon release.

Nonetheless, with new technology in the Xbox One it may be able to overcome the flaws of past titles, but this news could easily drive away sales for the Microsoft console.

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