Gaming News: Precursor Games Temporarily Disbands

Written by Callum Shephard Monday, 30 September 2013

Gaming News

Following the failure of their efforts to crowd fund their Eternal Darkness spiritual successor Shadow of the Eternals, Precursor Games has disbanded. Despite statements that the studio would continue despite the failure, many of the Silicon Knights veterans will be “taking a break.”

Director Dennis Dyack created a thread on the developer’s forums announcing that Shadow of the Eternals was being “put on hold” and hoped that their efforts “provided something of value for those involved.” While the forums will remain up so members and the community can continue to communicate with one another, several key members will be absent posting for the time being. Dyack stressed that the project itself was not dead, but felt that “it needs a rest too.”

After two separate efforts to get the game funded failed, this is understandable and the future of the project does remain in question. Many have cited Dyack’s previous controversy and the comments of those who were a part of Silicon Knights as being a reason the project did not receive more support.

No date as to when the group will reform, if it can reform, was given, nor when the project will be continued.

Dyack ended his statement with a simple message: “Keep your heads high everyone and remember what we have accomplished together.”

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