Gaming News: BATMAN ARKHAM ORIGINS To Include “I Am The Night” Mode And Initiation DLC

Written by Callum Shephard Monday, 30 September 2013

Gaming News

More information has been unveiled about the latest in the on-going Batman: Arkham X series, with producer Guillaume Voghel outlining his plans for the game to Eurogamer at EGX 2013.

Following 100% completion of the game on every, players will be able to unlock the “I Am The Night” hard mode, which only allows the player a single life and no saves. While easily the most difficult of settings, actually getting there will be an arduous task which Voghel hopes will extend the longevity of the title. Explaining that the main narrative arc and side missions alone will last 12 hours, with finding and attaining all collectables taking longer. Then beyond that there is a new difficulty and a new game plus mode where these actions must be repeated again before I Am The Night Mode can be accessed.

Voghel went into greater detail about the prequel Initiation DLC following Bruce Wayne during his training in Asia. He specified that while you get to see Wayne becoming a ninja it is “not League of Assassins, it's ninja-related," and that there is narratively additional content to provide players with more background story. In particular he praised the work the team had done on the monastery and its visual appearance. Initiation can be accessed via an Arkham Origins Season Pass.

From this, along with the potential behind Deathstroke DLC and other add-ons yet to come, it looks like the game will have even more longevity and content than its open world predecessor.

BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS is released in the UK October 25th.

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