Gaming News: Material From Cancelled TUROK Sequel Leaked

Written by Callum Shephard Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Gaming News

For those who remembered it, the ill-fated Turok reboot from a few years ago is not fondly regarded. Unlike its N64 predecessors, several of which are regarded as classics, the 2008 game was only met with middling scores by reviewers at best. Comments often criticised graphical issues and how it had robbed the series of a lot of its colourful elements. Definitely not the best move when the original premise was a time-travelling Native American who fought dinosaurs, mutants and robots. Despite its lukewarm reception, it seems that some effort was put into a sequel as artwork and footage was recently leaked to the public.

In a thread on NeoGAF, a member displayed a number of renders, models, artwork, covers and even a video he had been able to gather together. While many familiar design elements were kept from the previous title, just for starters future soldiers with obvious Gears of War influences, others showed much more vibrant designs. Turok’s concept art looked far more like his original self, designs for tribal huntsmen were shown wearing the bones of fallen dinosaurs, and the big lizards themselves had gone through a few design changes. Many were covered in bright feathers to contrast with the dull grey/brown of many compatriots and the unfortunately drab environments.

Most interestingly are the weapon designs. While the usual slightly edited modern weapons show up, there are a few which do look interesting from what appears to be a grenade launcher with two giant hypodermic needles to a laser cannon. The latter is actually displayed in artwork with a character bringing down a T-Rex.

This shows that the studio behind the game was at least making a step in the right direction after the last title, but even given this it’s unclear if they would have gone far enough.

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To see the rest of the material click here.

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