Gaming News: MEGA MAN Spiritual Successor Kickstarted by Keiji Inafune

Written by Callum Shephard Sunday, 01 September 2013

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It’s not hard to say that the last few years have not been good for fans of any incarnation of the blue bomber. Between creator Keiki Inafune leaving Capcom, the cancellation of Legends 3 and Universe, and the decision to only revive the series on its 25th anniversary for a social iOS title, things have not been good. The only decent news for fans wanting a good game was the original character’s inclusion in the next Super Smash Bros. Until now.

Appearing on Kickstarter just yesterday the Mighty No. 9 is Inafune’s next project. Advertised as “classic Japanese side-scrolling action” featuring a robot protagonist resistant to a corrupting virus and steal weapons from enemies, it’s fairly clear where inspiration is coming from. It’s also a trend which doesn’t stop with just Inafune and the title’s basic elements.

Any fans of some of the more recent titles will notice the similar level designs of the project to Mega Man, due to the involvement of Naoya Tomita. A figure who has worked on everything from character and stage design to working as an Assistant Producer on Mega Man titles. Lead Character Designer Takenoti Kimoto has worked on various Street Fighter titles and the Darkstalkers series, while localisation team 8-4 Ltd. was responsible for Fire Emblem Awakening and Metal Gear Rising.

The project has advertised itself as allowing backers unprecedented access to work, showing them the production via “blogs, podcasts, videos, concept art – the works!” The latter example is already visible on the page with several boss and background designs.

The Kickstarter project has already garnered a great deal of interest from fans, having attained over a third of its required $900,000 funding with thirty days still to go. Several fans have already donated to the higher tier goals, ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars.  Fans clearly want to support this game, and should it reach its stretch goals the Mighty No. 9 will be appearing on PC, via Steam and other DRM free methods, PS3 and Xbox 360. We can only look forwards to its hopefully successful release.

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