Gaming News: Full Control Considering New SPACE HULK Campaign Expansions

Written by Callum Shephard Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Gaming News

While reception to Space Hulk has been decidedly mixed, fans of the game have the knowledge that there is good news on the horizon. Those who criticised the video game’s unwillingness to be more than a carbon copy of the board game, and as a result limiting focus to the Blood Angels, will be happy to know plans are being made to release other chapters. Not only this but Full Control has announced that each one they do release will not just be a skin change for your terminators. Instead that they will have their own individual campaigns separate from the one set on-board the Sin of Damnation and starring Sergeants Gideon and Lorenzo’s astartes.

Thus far no specific names have been mentioned. Full Control has repeatedly responded to queries and requests on the Space Hulk Facebook page without going into details, but those they have responded to specifically include the Ultramarines, Black Templars and Dark Angels. This is also in addition to a mention in their Q&A video which stated that the Deathwing, having starred in the first edition board game, were likely to receive some attention in the future. Thus far it has yet to be stated if this will influence the marines’ equipment in any way or the game’s mechanics.

More interestingly, the company has plans for both sides having responded to questions involving the genestealers. While they are not planning to include genestealer cults as in their eyes ranged weapons would only “ruin a lot of what Space Hulk is about”, other ideas are being looked into. Upgrades such as toxin sacks and potentially new variants of genestealers are being considered, allowing the alien player more tactical options. Full Control’s big concern would be implementing this without ruining the balance between both sides despite their vastly different approaches to combat.

Despite Space Hulk’s problems, its news like this which suggests the developer genuinely wants to do the licence justice. Now we just have to wait and see if Full Control can do chapters beyond the Blood Angels justice.

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