Gaming News: WWE 2K14 "Phenom Edition" Announced

Written by Chris Jackson Thursday, 01 August 2013

Gaming News

OK, first things first - before you start complaining about how Starburst isn't a sports magazine, the wrestling world has a long history of crossing over into the realms of sci-fi, horror and fantasy. Throughout the years, we've encountered murderous clowns, a Minotaur-headed beastman, cyborgs from outer space, and a whole cast of assorted oddballs and misfits. These days, the wacky outlandish characters are mostly a thing of the past, but one or two of them are still going strong, and 2K Games have chosen to celebrate one of the very biggest wrestling stars with the collector's edition of WWE 2K14. 

Making his debut in 1990, The Undertaker is easily the most enigmatic wrestling superstar of all time. From his early days as "The Deadman" through to his later incarnations as "The Lord Of Darkness" and "The American Badass", The Undertaker has utilised his Tombstone finishing move to leave a trail of destruction across the WWE landscape for over 20 years, including a perfect 21-0 Wrestlemania winning streak that will surely never be bettered. And we won't go into his mortician manager, "the power of the urn" or the arson attack that killed his family and left his pyromaniac brother Kane horrifically scarred and mutilated, otherwise we'd be here all day.

Still more than capable of producing incredible matches (his last few Wrestlemania appearances against Triple H and Shawn Michaels have earned Match Of The Year accolades from almost every corner of the wrestling world), The Phenom is certainly a deserving subject for this collectors' edition of the annual WWE games franchise.

So what's so special about this special edition? As well as getting a copy of the game and access to the regular edition's pre-order offer of the Ultimate Warrior as a playable character, there's a host of other extras on offer which are all exclusive to this version of the game:

- Collectible art card personally autographed by The Undertaker

- “American Badass” playable character

- Undertaker-themed controller skin

- “Undertaker - The Streak" DVD (featuring a career retrospective documentary)

And all of these extras are wrapped up in a pretty snazzy tin coffin box.

WWE 2K14 will be available for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 from October 29th in North America and November 1st internationally.

And if you still don't believe that The Undertaker is a fitting subject for Starburst Magazine, look up his Wrestlemania 29 ring entrance on Youtube and try telling us that it isn't cool as f**k. Because you'd be very very wrong!


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