Gaming News: New ‘Traditional’ RATCHET AND CLANK Game Announced, Out This Year

Written by Kieron Moore Thursday, 11 July 2013

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While Insomniac Games’ RATCHET AND CLANK series is much loved by its fanbase for its cartoonish platforming action and tongue-in-furry-cheek sci-fi storylines, it’s fair to say that the past two games, Q-FORCE and ALL 4 ONE, have met with mixed reception. Their experimentation with gameplay styles has meant there hasn’t been a ‘traditional’ RATCHET game since 2009, but Insomniac have announced they’ll be making up for that with new Playstation 3 exclusive INTO THE NEXUS, to be released late this year. 

Seeing the return of creative director Brian Allgeier, INTO THE NEXUS aims to “make Ratchet feel like Ratchet again.” The player will take on the roles of everyone’s favourite Lombax and robot duo as they become stranded in the spookiest sector of the universe they’ve visited yet while transporting villains Vendra and Neftin Prog (one’s a horned purple crocodile, the other’s a large fellow with a pink Elvis quiff) to jail. The story will also see the return of beloved characters Captain Qwark, Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr, as well as the Thuugs-4-Less mercenaries from 2003’s LOCKED AND LOADED.

With new weapons including the Winterizer, which turns enemies into snowmen, and puzzles that require using new gadget the Grav Tether to connect portals, INTO THE NEXUS looks like classic RATCHET AND CLANK and a real treat for fans.

Check out the trailer here: 

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Source: IGN

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