Gaming News: MAJORA May Be Back To Haunt Your Dreams Again

Written by Zachary Fox Monday, 24 June 2013

Gaming News

MAJORA’S MASK may yet be back to haunt or consoles again! 

Everybody now: ‘Ben drowned.’

Being asked what your favourite ZELDA game is is like being asked what your favourite kind of bacon is: they’re all indescribably awesome and kind of similar but delicious in their own way.

For many people however (this writer included) it’s the oft-claimed dark horse of the ZELDA family that holds the key to their heart: that strange, dark, legitimately creepy and utterly novel concoction that Nintendo served up to follow their crowning glory OCARINA OF TIME: the beautifully twisted MAJORA’S MASK. 

With Nintendo these days doing a Square-Enix and spending as much time jazzing up their old stuff as producing shiny new vehicles for their pantheon of mascots, there have been more than a few questions over the last couple years as to when MAJORA’S MASK will get it’s turn. Namely in the form of Operation Moonfall that tried to force the issue by way of an online petition.

Because those things always work.

But with OOT launching on the 3DS 2 years ago, WIND WAKER being HD-ified on the Wii-U soon and A LINK TO THE PAST being brought back to the present with a 3DS sequel, maybe it’s time for MAJORA and his MASK to make a return. 

Turns out, Nintendo might be in agreement. In his trademark ambiguous way, King of Happiness and Small Animals Shigeru Miyamato announced that MAJORA fans are ‘still in my memory.’ Whether this is a case of ambiguous English or another hint towards a remake remains to be seen.

Ultimately, with all the noise that’s been made in the past a return to Termina seems somewhat inevitable. It would be cheap to produce, has a decently large and committed audience and would give Nintendo some sorely needed good press.

Let’s all wish upon our lucky stars… and moon lest the apocalyptic beast unleashes its rage upon us.

Source: IGN

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