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We can finally put that pesky XCOM mystery behind us. The game is alive and well after its abduction, and with the rumored change to a third person perspective and the title of THE BUREAU as we previously speculated.

THE BUREAU will serve as a prequel of sorts to the series, showing how the XCOM organization got its start.

Set in America during 1962, THE BUREAU: XCOM DECLASSIFIED will follow agent William Carter, who’s recruited into the titular Bureau, a secret organization founded to be the first line of defense against a Russian invasion. Unfortunately, they find themselves facing an alien invasion instead. And while The Bureau must fight to keep an alien invasion from happening, they must also cover their tracks to make sure the public isn’t aware of their existence.

Though still a third person shooter, the game has the standard heavy emphasis on tactics that the series is known for. Carter finds himself leading teams against the invaders, and much like last year’s strategy title XCOM: ENEMY UNKNOWN, death of squadmates (whom you can level up) will be permanent.

Players will take control of their squad using the “Battle Focus” interface, as described by IGN in an interview with Morgan Gray, creative director for THE BUREAU.

“The Battle Focus interface allows you to do things like maneuver and position your squadmates around the battlefield in real-time,” Gray said. Players will also be able to focus on features like “target prioritization, utilizing different powers and abilities that [your squad] is able to rank up and obtain that you customize them with, and controlling squadmates as the battle happens, building tactical plans and then watching them get executed in the field. Things like leapfrog maneuvers, looking for flanks, height advantages, that sort of thing.”

2K has said that the game will feature no multiplayer, as they want to focus on the single player narrative.

The game will be available in August for PC, 360, and PS3. Players who pre-order the game from select retailers will receive a side mission called Codebreakers. In Codebreakers, as described in the press release, “a communications facility responsible for intercepting and interpreting the enemy’s transmissions has gone dark. Special Agent Carter and his squad must make contact with any remaining personnel and investigate the incident.”

Check out the game’s official website here and the announcement trailer below...

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