Gaming News: Climax Studios Possibly Developing New PRINCE OF PERSIA

Written by Nick Ransbottom Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Gaming News

It seems as if the PRINCE OF PERSIA series may be getting a new entry.

As noticed by NeoGAF users, ever the sleuths, Climax Studio lists on their site that they are working on a “character action platformer.” The site offers a few good screenshots of the game in action.

From the design of the main character to the environments, the game certainly looks like it could be a new title in the PRINCE OF PERSIA series. If it is, then it’s entirely possible it’s a throwback to its roots, because it appears to offer side-scrolling gameplay.

This wouldn’t be the first time the ROCKET KNIGHT developers have put their own spin on an established series. The studio is responsible for 2010’s well-received SILENT HILL: SHATTERED MEMORIES, which was a reimagining of the original 1999 game.

2008’s PRINCE OF PERSIA also served as a reboot to the series, though a fourth entry in the popular “SANDS OF TIME” storyline was released in 2010 to coincide with the release of the live-action movie. Since then, PRINCE OF PERSIA has been MIA.

Game Informer reached out to both Ubisoft and Climax studios for comments on the screenshots, and was told by the former, “There is no new information to share in regard to PRINCE OF PERSIA.” Climax has yet to comment.

It’s entirely possible that the game the studio is working on is unrelated to the series and is an original title. But if it is, there’s no denying the uncanny resemblance to the PERSIA series.


Update #1: The upcoming “character action platformer” has been removed from Climax Studio’s site, along with the images, but you can still see them over at GamespotUK.


Update #2: Consider this rumour debunked. Climax Studios has contacted Game Informer, saying the screenshots came from a 2012 project during exploratory discussions with Ubisoft. The project never made it past the prototype stage.

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