Gaming News: XCOM Has Gone Offline

Written by Nick Ransbottom Sunday, 14 April 2013

Gaming News

Someone get Mulder and Scully, because we’re going to need some help piecing together the mystery of this strange abduction.

XCOM, 2KGames’ upcoming tactical FPS reboot of the X-COM franchise, seems to have vanished from the internet. The game’s official website has been taken down, replaced with a 404 error message, and YouTube videos about the game have been set to “private viewing” on the company’s official account. The website to last year’s tactical reboot developed by Firaxis, XCOM: ENEMY UNKOWN, is still live, as are the videos on the YouTube account. In fact, ENEMY UNKOWN seems to be the only XCOM game that exists as far as 2K is concerned; accessing the official XCOM site via the product page on the 2K site automatically redirects to the ENEMY UNKOWN page.

The strange disappearance of XCOM was first noticed by Digital Trends on the 12th.

As previously reported by Kotaku last month, Take-Two Interactive (of which 2K is a subsidiary of) registered the following domains:,,, and The plot of XCOM follows FBI agent William Carter in 1962 as he’s tasked with uncovering the mystery of an alien invasion, so the domains seem to tie together with the game.

Last September, Kotaku also reported that XCOM might have been switched from first person to third person.

The game has been frequently delayed since its first showing at E3 2010, so it’s unclear if 2K plans to unveil the game again with the rumored gameplay changes and possible name switch to THE BUREAU, or if it’s been cancelled completely.

When we contacted the company regarding the story, they said: "2K has no comment on the websites still being down or the other rumors that seem to be swirling on the internet."

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