Gaming News: Sony To Unveil PS4?

Written by Animal Johns Friday, 01 February 2013

Gaming News

Reports have surfaced today in The Wall St Journal suggesting that SONY are set to unveil their successor to the PS3 as soon as February 20th.

A set of annoyingly anonymous "people familiar with the situation" have claimed that SONY is due to announce the next gen PlayStation at a special PS themed party held on this day, with the invites teasing consumers to "see the future". The "people familiar with the situation" also claim that both the PS4 and Xbox 720 will both be released later this year.

Microsoft (via one of their "people familiar with the situation" speaking to CVG) have pooh-poohed the announcement, biting back with "Victory will go not to those who make the most noise, but those who make the most impact". Them's fighting words...

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Whilst the announcement of the next PlayStation is hardly a surprise (the PS3 is now 7 years old), the fact that it's happened this early in the year is. SONY appear to have learned from the delayed PS3 launch that saw Microsoft and Nintendo steal a march upon the company who had previously swept all before them with the PS2. Expect to see more about this (and the Xbox 720) very soon...

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