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Grab your joysticks and get your six-finger mashing stance ready to rumble - STREET FIGHTER tournament play is coming to Europe!

As part of their year long celebration of the storied franchise's 25th anniversary Capcom have chosen Paris Games Week (31st Oct - 4th Nov) to hold the first ever Master Series Europe tournament.

Contestants will battle it out on four titles from the series, namely:

- Super Street Figher IV Arcade Edition ver.2012
- Street Fighter X Tekken
- Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike – Online Edition
- Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

with the winner representing Europe at the World Finals in San Francisco this December.

So that's you booking your ticket to Paris then, to prove you've the fiercest Shoryuken this side of the Danube? Well not so fast hotshot, first of all you have to win a qualifying tournament for the right to represent your country. A full list of participating countries and qualifiers is below.

France / The United Kingdom / Begium / Sweden / Spain / Italy / The Netherlands / Switzerland / Ireland / Norway / Germany / Poland / Russia / Israël / Greece / Austria

Qualifying tournaments can be found at

So once you qualify what can you expect? From the press release:

After five days of intense competition at the European Master Series in Paris, the top two fighters of the Super Street Fighter IV AE ver.2012 and Street Fighter X Tekken tournaments and the two first place finishers of the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike events will all win a spot to represent Europe and compete in the World Finals of The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tournament in San Francisco.

Sounds like hard work. But boy are Capcom making it worth your while, with a total prize pool worth $500,000 (not a typo) and the World Finals winner walking away with a Scion FR-S sports car (hell I'd waste hours performing yoga nuggies for free). Capcom are also picking up travel and accommodation to all World Finals participants.

But if you're going to win you'll probably have to beat this guy - Daigo (a.k.a The Beast)...

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For those of you with two left thumbs all the action can be viewed live over the internet (plus commentary ["great kick to the nuts by Chun-Li"? - Ed] on - the schedule being:

Saturday (3rd of November)  : Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike – Online Edition (TOP 8), Super Street Figher IV Arcade Edition ver.2012 (TOP 32)

Sunday (4th of November)  : Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (TOP 8), Street Fighter X Tekken (TOP 32)

Further info can be found at the official Master Series Website and the Street Fighter 25th anniversary site

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