Gaming News: Capcom Release Video Explaining All About RESIDENT EVIL.NET

Written by Animal Johns Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Gaming News

Last week Capcom announced RESIDENT EVIL.NET, a free online service that Capcom promise will "enhance the Resident Evil 6 experience for players across the globe". Curious? Well today Capcom released a video showing off the various treats that RE.NET holds for gamers...

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Must admit, I'm not one for on-line gaming (I know I'm a Philistine) but this looks pretty good and could tempt me from my gaming hermit ways. Anyway if you want a full run-down of features to go with the video, Capcom have kindly provided that too...

  • 1.Comprehensive stat tracking
    • Enemies killed
    • Weapons used
    • Medals earned
    • And more
  • 2.Compare your game with those of friends and other Resident Evil 6 players around the world
  • 3.Link your status with Twitter & Facebook
    • Share your latest achievements with friends
    • Receive alerts when your high score has been beaten
  • 4.Free Smartphone App to launch alongside the service
    • Will support iOS, Android and Windows devices
  • 5.Earn RE.Net points just by connecting to the service or entering events
    • Exchange points for cool items including additional Mercenaries costumes or figures to place in your very own Resident Evil diorama
  • 6.Compete in regular organised events such as:
    • Join fellow gamers to defeat a set number of enemies
    • Aim for a high score in Mercenaries Mode
  • 7.Champion Belt events
    • Compete in these special events to win the ultimate accolade, the Champion’s Belt
    • Can only be held by one player at any time
    • Players will need to defend their title or watch it fall to another player

Resident Evil.Net is available upon the release of Resident Evil 6 (Oct 2nd 2012)

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