Gaming News: RESIDENT EVIL 6 - Ada Wong Campaign & Agent Hunt Details Revealed

Written by Animal Johns Friday, 03 August 2012

Gaming News

Capcom announced earlier this week that Ada Wong will be available as a playable character in their latest instalment of the survival horror franchise. Featuring unique missions that Capcom promise "will provide her perspective on the bioterrorist outbreaks that threaten to wipe out the world’s population" Wong's campaign is made available only after completing the game with Chris, Leon and Jake (replay value looking good - then again, if they're all the same...)

Check out Ada doing her thing:

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Also available is the opportunity to play as a zombie, J’avo or other C-virus mutation in the online mode AGENT HUNT.

Direct from Capcom's press release, here's the skinny on AGENT HUNT:

1. Complete the main campaigns for either Leon, Chris or Jake to then unlock the Agent Hunt stages for each of those respective campaigns.

2. When creating an RE6 gameplay session a player has the option to allow/not allow Agent Hunt.

3. When a hunter searches for a session to join they will see whether or not other players from around the world want to allow hunters into their game.

4. The hunter then picks another player’s session to join and jumps into that session.

5. Please note only certain stages will be available for Agent Hunt sessions.

6. The agent side can be either a single human player with an AI partner, or two human players in co-op mode. Up to two separate hunters can join an Agent Hunt session. When a hunter dies they respawn in the same session as a different random enemy from that area.

7. If the hunter eliminates the agent then they will be taken to a ‘hunt successful’ results screen where they can join another session if they wish.

8. If the agent is eliminated then their game session will end exactly as if they had been playing a standard game session  with CPU enemies.

9. If the hunter quits the session then the agent’s game continues as normal with all AI enemies.

Sounds pretty cool, and if words aren't enough to sway you here's AGENT HUNT in action:

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Well that's my October sorted, sticking it to that damn 12 yr old Korean kid who keeps beating me on COD...

Resident Evil 6 is released October 2nd on PS3 and Xbox 360 (PC TBA)

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