Gaming News: Origami Monsters? New Trailer for MONSTER LIFE

Written by Animal Johns Thursday, 02 August 2012

Gaming News

Hot on the heels of their recent The Dark Knight Rises release, Gameloft are back with an altogether more cutesy experience via their Let's Play brand - MONSTER LIFE.

Described as "a magical papercraft world of cute monsters and exciting battles" it reminds me of a bizarre mix of Pokemon, Origami & Sim City with a healthy dollop of Final Fantasy thrown in. Check out the trailer below:

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Gameloft themselves had this to say:

"In Monster Life, you’re a novice monster keeper who must learn how to raise, train and look after your own team of monsters as you build your own custom-made kingdom for them to live in. With more than 20 original monsters to collect, each with endearing personalities and awesome abilities, you can train, feed and play with them to make them stronger and make them evolve – and then take them across 36 different battle zones on 4 different islands to seek out and defeat the minions of Chaos. All the while, ensuring your monsters live in the most prosperous kingdom with a plethora of building tools."

MONSTER LIFE is FREE and out now on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch and shortly on Android.

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