Gaming News: Caped Crusader And Man Of Steel To Unite In Rocksteady's ARKHAM CITY Prequel

Written by Luke Riley Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Gaming News

Batman / Superman

Look to the sky!!! It’s Batman….. oh and Superman! Indeed this could be the case if the news of Rocksteady’s  new project becomes a reality. There is word of an Arkham Asylum/City prequel involving the Caped Crusader uniting with the Man of Steel. The release date is set for 2014, so there’s plenty of time to get the hype rolling across the internet.

Interestingly enough Metropolis does get a mention in Arkham City when Talia al Ghul talks about the time her and Bruce spent their. Another clue that these games could be connected is that Rocksteady’s ‘silver age’ superhero game has been hinted to detail Batman’s first encounter with the Joker. Intriguing doesn’t come close to what  the feelings are about this game and if anyone can be trusted to pull it off it is Rocksteady. What could be more entertaining fighting off enemies alongside Superman?  Also the combat in Arkham City has the camera pull away allowing the player to see the fight. Multiple characters in the same frame using that combat system would have it look like a cartoon. What an awesome sight to behold that would be!

Expect more details as they develop...

Source: Variety

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