Failbetter Games Announces SUNLESS SKIES

Written by Callum Shephard Sunday, 25 September 2016

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Sunless Sea was one of 2015's big sleeper hits. While it lacked the innate promotional campaigns of a big Electronic Arts published title, or the excited memetic strength of the likes of Undertale, it was nevertheless a staggering success. Receiving rave reviews from mainstream media and fans alike, and was one of our very few 10/10 grades, Failbetter have gone from strength to strength and we're expecting to see a full expansion later on next month. However, the developer has been shifting their focus elsewhere, and fans of Fallen London will be leaving the waters for the heavens in their planned sequel: Sunless Skies.

Announced this week, Failbetter have described the planned release as a brilliant mix of everything from H. G. Wells classics to Event Horizon. Rather than merely taking to the skies in an airship, players will be able to traverse among the stars themselves, forging a new path away from Fallen London as the Empress seeks to control the world in her iron grip. However, just as this flight of bohemians, anarchists and thrill seekers break from the old guard in the name of freedom, a far more terrifying revolution is underway. The stars themselves are burning out one by one, not merely dying but seemingly murdered to achieve some unknown goal. Without their guiding power, without the rules of reality itself dictated by these Judgements, no one truly knows what could become of the world. Presumably nothing good.

In their announcement Failbetter have kept their cards close to their chest but promised that they will be "enhancing the stuff we liked, and refining the experience. It will be a punishing game, but respectful of your time." If the narrative is even half as strong as its predecessor, Sunless Skies looks ready to be another hit for fans of this weird and wonderful setting. Keep an eye out for the planned Kickstarter project which will be arriving in February next year.


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