Last Few Days to Pledge on THE WALKING DEAD: ALL OUT WAR!

Written by Martin Unsworth Thursday, 25 February 2016

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Zombie lovers and gaming fans are getting excited about The Walking Dead: All Out War tabletop skirmish game, which is based on the phenomenal comic series. The game is currently approaching its final successful weekend on Kickstarter, so get in quick to take advantage of the entry level prices!

Created by Mantic Games in partnership with Skybound Entertainment, players can collect miniatures of their favourite characters - including Rick, Michonne, Tyreece, and The Governor – and battle with them on the tabletop against an enemy force controlled by your opponent in a desperate fight for supplies. But be careful not to make too much noise or you’ll draw the attention of the walkers! In this game, everyone and everything is trying to kill you.


With simple rules and a burgeoning, supported community, The Walking Dead: All Out War is an easy entry into the wargaming hobby. The game features a simple guide to getting started, all the miniatures are single-piece and can be used straight out of the box, and the rules include solo play so you don’t need an opponent! This makes it very easy to get started.

If you’re looking for something more advanced then there is a big range of character boosters and equipment cards, and campaign rules so that you can immerse yourself in the game. This enables you to build your own faction, customising your faction for competitive gaming or recreating iconic battles from the comic, like the prison assault.


The Walking Dead: All Out War is currently funding on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The game surpassed a $50,000 funding goal in just 14 minutes and so far over 3,000 backers have pledged $455,332 to the project.

In return for a pledge, Mantic are offering a great value deal saving in excess of $200 (£143 approx.) on the contents separately at retail, and a range of expansions that see you visit iconic locations such as the Prison and Woodbury. There are also Kickstarter Exclusive miniatures like Abraham and Michonne available in the pledge levels and plenty more free rewards.

The entry pledge level is the $75 March to War, which gets you the starter game, Kickstarter exclusives and some cool extras for your game. It saves you over $100 off MSRP.

If you’re interested in The Walking Dead or just miniature gaming in general then take a look at The Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game. Don’t miss it, the campaign closes February 29th at 15:59 PT, 18:59 ET 11:59 pm GMT.

Fans can keep up-to-date with news and announcements by signing up to the newsletter on Mantic’s The Walking Dead page.

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