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Written by Andrew Pollard Wednesday, 02 December 2015

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As the old adage goes, time flies when you’re having fun. And that’s certainly been the case with Team 17, who are celebrating their 25th birthday on December 7th.

To celebrate this milestone, the game developer have partnered with Microsoft Xbox One Games Store, the Humble Store, the Steam Store, GoG, Sony’s Playstation Store, Apple’s App Store, and the Google Play store to deliver a variety of promotions to fans throughout December.

Daily promotions will be in place right through until Christmas Day, with fans urged to follow Team 17 on Twitter @Team17Ltd for day-to-day notifications.

Just to give you an insight into the history of Team 17, the developer has kindly reminded fans of the below fun facts:

1 - Team17’s first ever game release Full Contact went straight to No.1 in the UK.

2 - Team17’s Worms franchise has sold/downloaded over 70 million units – despite the original game, Total Wormage not winning the Amiga Format Readers competition before signing with Team17.

3 - The number 7 and 17 are Debbie Bestwick’s lucky numbers (Team17, Worms launched on 17th November, Team17’s birthday is the 7th , Her birthday is also the 7th March– spooky!).

4 - Team17 have released 34 unique titled games (Worms franchise counted as 1).

5 - The ‘Concrete Donkey’ from the Worms series of videogames actually existed as a garden ornament in the garden of Worms creator Andy Davidson’s parents. As a child the young Andy was afraid of the Concrete Donkey.

6 - Worms was first prototyped on a Texas Instruments calculator during an A-Level maths lesson.

7 - Project X, Team17’s Amiga classic was so difficult most people struggled to get past Level 2/3, so Team17 ended up realising a cheat mode on the cover mount disk of a many Amiga magazines to help struggling players.

8 - Alien Breed had 87 cheats and secrets locked in the game. Most of the cheat codes are totally unprintable today!

9 - Alien Breed SE took 6 weeks in development to remix and stayed No1 in the UK for 33 weeks.

10 - Team17 partnered with superstar legends (in our opinion) Epic Megagames and Housemarque to publish Silverball and Superstardust in the 1990s.


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