PLAY it! Manchester Event Set for July 25th

Written by Tom Acton

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Manchester will be getting its game on this July and August, as PLAY it! Manchester beeps and boops its way into Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry.

Running between the July 25th and August 9th, this event will feature a whole host of games, new and old. Players are able to pre-book 90-minute gaming sessions, each running on a set timetable throughout the event. Games are split between different zones, so it's easy to shift from one game to another if you want to change it up from Pacman to something more modern.

The event is great for children and adults alike. The kids will no doubt be entertained by the presence of Nintendo Wiis and PlayStations everywhere. Adults, on the other hand, will get all wistful and nostalgic as they look around and see Commodore 64s, Mega Drives and Super Nintendos all over the show. Kids will be able to look back at the history of gaming (never again will your child get away with saying that history is boring), whilst adults looking to play some more mature games will be happy to know that adult-only events will be held twice per week.

Credit: Jnd photography Jaw Dropper FLickr Creative Commons BY NC ND
 Credit: Rodrigo Della Favera Nikkei Rio Expo 2008 no2 Flickr CC BY

For people who like to look on the technical side of things, PLAY it! Manchester will also feature challenges in programming and coding. These challenges will be able to teach any “noobs” a thing or two, whilst racking the brains of the more experienced. The event is suited to anyone, whether you're coming in for a quick hour and a half of Minecraft or staying for the whole day and trying to get your gaming mitts on as many controllers as you can!

If you have a free day, you may as well have a gander. You're probably going to wind up gaming either way.

Header image: Rodrigo Della Favera Nikkei Rio Expo 2008 no2 Flickr CC BY 


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