WATTO'S EMPORIUM Weekly Top 3 (11/03/16)

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Welcome once again to the movie marketplace that is Watto’s Emporium, which rounds up some of the best merch that we found across the online galaxy this week. And as this coming Monday sees the DVD and Blu-Ray Release of Game of Thrones Season 5, this week’s emporium will be all about opposing clans, fantastical kingdoms and weaponry. It is a Game of Thrones themed Watto’s Emporium folks, so no matter what house you back, all are welcome in this week’s celebration of the merch spawned by HBO’s acclaimed series, based on George R. R. Martin’s novels, so lets get underway…

3. Game of Thrones Longclaw Collectible Sword Mini Kit (hboshopeu.com, £7.99)

Anyone who says, “the pen is truly mightier than the sword”, may fare poorly in Westeros because anyone who’s worth their metal (no point intended) carries a sword. So if you don’t currently have one handy, hboshopeu.com has the answer, in this Longclaw collectable sword kit. Featuring a 4” replica (hey we never said a big sword is mandatory, don’t judge) of the sword swung by one fan favourite Jon Snow (played by the much adored Kit Harrington), as well as a 48-page book about Night’s Watch, this set is an affordable treat for the weapon loving Thrones (or Snow) fan.

2. Game of Thrones T-Shirt House Crests (beltsbucklestees.com, £15)

When it comes to Game of Thrones, there can be many a debate about what side you are on. Are you sticking with Stark? Loving Lannister? Trailing Targaryen? And so on. Well for all you diplomats out there, who refuse to resort to violent debates over your favoured house, beltsbucklestees.com have you covered…literally in this case. This t-shirt features 7 of the major house emblems on one shirt, meaning you can literally represent all (well, most, as not all the houses are there), while all your mates are warring for house supremacy.

1. Game of Thrones McFarlane Construction Throne Room (hboshopeu.com, £38.99)

What is a show called Game of Thrones without a bloody big chair? Well failing constructing your own huge throne, this McFarlane Construction Throne Room Set, available at hboshopeu.com, is as close as you can get to bring the show’s throne room to your own living room. The set is completely buildable- bricks, windows, pillars and all- with included figures of a kingsguard and his smarmy grace (don’t tell him we said that) Joffrey of House Baratheon and Lannister, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm (and all that jazz). It is a set fit for a king and will look great on any aspiring ruthless royals mantelpiece or fireplace. All hail the next king of Westeros!

Be sure to keep an eye out every week for our pick of the top 3 funnest, funkiest and freakiest finds in our online merchandising explorations!

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