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Welcome once again to the movie marketplace that is Watto’s Emporium, which rounds up some of the best merch that we found across the online galaxy this week. And in the realms of the emporium, we see darker heroes reign supreme with a grizzled mutant, a hell warrior and a man who uses his license to kill to the utmost. So enter the gates of the emporium for another week and see what will join the ever-swelling ranks of movie merchandise…

3. Spawn iPhone Hard Case (bonanzamarket.co.uk, £6.99)

This Plastic Hard Case for the iPhone 5/5S, from bonanzamarket.co.uk is truly something for fans of ‘The One’. Just as news broke this last week that Todd McFarlane has finished the script for his reboot of his iconic anti-hero creation Spawn (from Image Comics) (red the story here), now might be just the time to go back and rediscover the dark and cult favourite character. And this iPhone case is a good start, inspired less by the maligned (yet admired by some audiences) 1997 film adaptation and more by the character’s comic book appearance, this rejoices at how menacingly stylish and inspired McFalane’s character is.



2. Wolverine Blood and Steel Shirt (beltsbucklestees.com, £10)

Deadpool has really started something pertaining to harder cut Heroes getting the chance to shine with R-Rated films on the big screen. Indeed after its box office success, the aforementioned Spawn news broke and also making the headlines was news that James Mangold’s upcoming (momentarily titled) Wolverine 3 could be gunning for an R-Rating. It is something fans of Marvel’s adamantium clawed badass have been asking for for ages and now it seems the powers that be may finally let it happen. So to celebrate the possible darker route for the character that could be coming up, beltsbucklestees.com have the perfect comic art shirt inspired by the more violent incarnations of the character.

1. Spectre Cufflinks (amazon.co.uk, £11.49)

And with all this talk of anti-heroes, let us all not forget that Daniel Craig’s (in what could allegedly be the latter days of his run as the character) James Bond is back in focus this coming Monday, as Spectre hits DVD. So in occasion of 007 being back in the fray, here at the emporium we found a piece of merchandise that summarises two of many cool things about the Bond franchise- style and shady bad guys. These cufflinks- from amazon.co.uk- are designed with the Spectre organisation’s Octopus insignia and look very dark, devious and dashing with any suit. Now all you need is a gammy eye and a fluffy white cat to complete that supervillain look!


Be sure to keep an eye out every week for our pick of the top 3 funnest, funkiest and freakiest finds in our online merchandising explorations!

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