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Welcome once again to the movie marketplace that is Watto’s Emporium, which rounds up some of the best merch that we found across the online galaxy this week. And after a two-week hiatus, for those pesky little occasions called Christmas and New Years, the Emporium opens its doors for the first time in 2016 and adds more wonderful, weird and must-have merch to the ever-expanding collection. And todays Emporium picks have a distinct taste of gold, as the Golden Globes kick off awards season this Sunday…

3. Mad Max: Fury Road Themed Necklace (Ebay, $2.99 USD)

First we have an item, from seller ‘luckywho’ over at ebay.co.uk, inspired by George Miller’s Golden Globe nominated action masterpiece Mad Max: Fury Road. So here is a brilliant unisex necklace that proudly boasts the metal burning skull logo that is brandished by Immortan Joe’s disease-stricken war boys in the movie. Simple and effective, whether the movie gets the awards it richly deserves or not, we all know the truth and those who wear this necklace truly do deserve to “ride eternal, shiny and chrome”!


2. The Martian Movie Quote Shirt (RedBubble, £18.24)

Another contender at the awards this Sunday is Ridley Scott’s most acclaimed film in yonks, in his great adaptation of the Andy Weir novel The Martian. So to celebrate Scott successfully stranding an A-lister on Mars, here is this fun shirt that really is one for the fans! Made by Puratura over at redbubble.com, this great shirt brandishes one of the most quoted lines from the film, as uttered by Matt Damon’s character Mark Watney. Not suitable for people who hate strong language but everyone else ought to make space for this one!

1. The Hateful Eight Action Figures (Zavvi, £34.99 Each (Pre-Order)

However our pick or rather picks of the week is to be found over at zavvi.com, with these NECA 8 Inch action figures! 8 are available (currently for pre-order with a 28th March release date) in the range and each one is styled after one of the main ensemble that make up Quentin Tarantino’s new Western The Hateful Eight, which is in cinemas now (read our rootin’ tootin’ review here). The figures are limited edition- only 3,000 of each character are going to be made- and are made in retro 70s style with fabric clothing, individually varying accessories and an impressive likeness to the actors portraying the actor. Tarantino’s film is also up for a Globe this Sunday just to keep the theme running…er, how do we end this sentence? Erm, oh yes…we believe a yeehaw is in order!


Be sure to keep an eye out every week for our pick of the top 3 funnest, funkiest and freakiest finds in our online merchandising explorations!

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