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Welcome once again to the movie marketplace that is Watto’s Emporium, which rounds up some of the best merch that we found across the online galaxy this week. And as this week sees heroes big and small strolling into cinemas, onto DVD and into the news, we decided to up the ante. So follow us as we venture into the winding corridors of the Emporium and see what new items will be joining the ever-growing ranks of cool, sweet and strange movie merchandise…

3. The Good Dinosaur Bug Harmonica (disneystore.co.uk, £4.95)

After warming hearts aplenty with Inside Out this year, Pixar’s second feature of 2015 The Good Dinosaur stomps into cinemas today (see our review here)! To celebrate the visually stunning boy and dog (or in this case Dino and Boy) story, Disney have obviously released the usual range of cute cuddly toys, awesome backpacks and kids party accessories. However one of the more interesting new toys based on the film is this neatly designed- if odd- kid’s harmonica (although we are sure some of you big kids out there will be having a go if you see one!). Designed to imitate one of the colourful bugs in the film, this item from disneystore.co.uk is a more inspired example of merch based on an animated dinosaur adventure.


2. Captain America Belt Buckles (beltsbucklestees.com, £15 Each)

When it comes to Captain America, beltsbucklestees.com have a healthy amount of patriotic and fan pleasing shirts but many people may well be most tempted by these two belt buckles from the site. One shows off the Captain in his comic book look and the other is his now iconic red, white and blue shield (naturally). The Marvel fan, Captain America fan or casual movie goer/comic reader can all appreciate these impressive buckles, which celebrate the simple effectiveness of “The First Avenger”. What better way to get yourself even more stoked for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War (after this week’s Stark slapping trailer- see that beauty right here), than blending him into your daily wardrobe.


1. Ant-Man Helmet Mask (antmanmerch.com, £91.37)

This Summer Peyton Reed delivered with Ant-Man, after many feared the worst post-Edgar Wright and this Monday Paul Rudd’s hero scurries onto DVD and Blu-Ray shelves. So if you missed him in cinemas, catch him in the comfort of your own home because pint-sized hero not only had the gift of the gab but also one of the best costumes of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s heroes. So, you may ask, where can I get a lovely helmet like that? Well you don’t need to break into Scott Lang’s apartment, you merely need to log on to antmanmerch.com, where you’ll find this Cosplay aiding Ant-Man helmet mask, that is a beautifully made piece of kit and when worn, may not give you size altering abilities but will make you feel pretty darn cool.


Be sure to keep an eye out every week for our pick of the top 3 funnest, funkiest and freakiest finds in our online merchandising explorations!

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