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Welcome once again to the movie marketplace that is Watto’s Emporium, which rounds up some of the best merch that we found across the online galaxy. And this week we celebrate a massive fanbase, upcoming DVDs and the art of a nice shirt. So take our hands for a stroll through Watto’s Emporium this week…

3. Star Wars T-Shirt- My Squadron (beltsbucklestees.com, £17)

OK so last week we went a touch Star Wars crazy but as Disney XD’s enjoyable animated series (set in the gap between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope) Star Wars Rebels hits DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday, here is an appropriately rebel-saluting bit of gear from beltsbucklestees.com. Boasting the mighty X-Wing Fighter, the shirt is simple and to the point and perfect for the squadron leader of your household.


2. The Avengers (Behold The Vision) T-Shirt (alltheheroes.co.uk, £12.99)

Just as Joss Whedon’s character-crammed sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron lands on DVD this Monday, where better to celebrate one of the film’s many colourful protagonists than over at alltheheroes.co.uk. Finding a Captain America shirt, Iron Man helmet or Thor Hammer is a relatively easy task but what about a piece of merch centred around the red headed hero Vision (portrayed by voice of J.A.R.V.I.S Paul Bettany in Age of Ultron)? Well observe this shirt, which is designed in vintage comic book style and showcases the less big name caped hero. Behold indeed…


1. Pokéball Necklace (etsy.com, £7)

In these days of changing fads and fanbases, one is celebrating its 20th year and that is, of course, Satoshi Tajiri’s Pokémon. Tajiri’s tale of humans training and catching creatures with special abilities has been the stuff of numerous childhoods. How many of us out there whiled away the hours trading our cards on the playground or tinkering with our Gameboys at home and humming that infectious theme tune of the anime series? To this day Pokémon is still beloved but whatever your generation, this simple but thoroughly effective handmade Pokéball necklace is the perfect way to carry your childhood round your neck. Made by Cute & Quirky Girl and available on etsy.com (in a selection of different colours too), “Catching em’ all” has never been so easy!


Be sure to keep an eye out every week for our pick of the top 3 funnest, funkiest and freakiest finds in our online merchandising explorations!

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