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With the UK release of Pixar's highly anticipated latest work, Inside Out on the horizon, what could possibly be better than going through the animation giant’s other works and picking the five films that bring the most to the studio's growing resume of computer-animated genius? Prepare for a trip down memory lane, as we countdown five of the best films Pixar has produced (Warning: There will be no Cars 2. The less we speak of that, the better.)



5.  Finding Nemo

In order to put their all into animating this classic, the people at Pixar actually went to study marine biology, so they could wrap their heads around how fish move. The film is one of the more gloomier ones, starting out with a rousing round of losing everyone you know and love, bar one single son. Ellen DeGeneres is able to keep spirits afloat (pun obviously intended) with her infamous performance as Dory, whilst Marlin is a wonderfully flawed fish, obviously scarred by what he has faced through his eventful life. Here's hoping the upcoming sequel, titled Finding Dory isn't just a cash in...


4. Toy Story 3

Many people would put Toy Story one as their first choice, simply because it's “the one that started them all.” However, Toy Story 3 is able to serve up to the viewer, a beautiful representation of passing time. In the film, our favourite toys have to put up with the fact that Andy has grown out of them. People who grew up with Toy Story will question how it's possible for a film to simultaneously stab your childhood in the gut, and give it a big warm hug. Also, Lotso is a deliciously evil, warped villain. Toy Story 4 has been announced, but the franchise would likely have been better left with its bitter-sweet ending.


3. Up

Up is that one Pixar film that really screws with your emotions. After five minutes of childhood tomfoolery, the viewer is presented with a fast forward of the lives of two people, before punching you in the tear ducts. The film brilliantly encapsulates how people often deal with loss; by shutting themselves in. However, after our protagonist, Carl accidentally bludgeons someone, (blood in Pixar, we know!), he defies all laws of science and physics and takes off on an adventure. Cue the introduction of our antagonist, Charles Muntz, a failed explorer driven to insanity, and Dug, the best character in anything ever. Literally.


2. Wall-E

Many people complain that Wall-E dips in quality during the second act. And we would be in agreement if we weren't awestruck by the symbolism behind it all. Wall-E is able to roll over the subjects of the environment, consumerism, technology, philosophy, religion, the future of humanity and much more. It is definitely the most emblematic film hat Pixar has produced, and up there with other symbolic greats. Combine that with the fact that the two protagonists are able to say everything they need to with funny “bleep-bloops” and gestures, and the fact that the score is like melt-in-your-ears magic, and Wall-E is a seriously formidable film.

1. The Incredibles

The general theme with Pixar films is that that parents can watch them with their kids, and not cringe their faces off. No film has perfected this like The Incredibles. This film can stand on the same pedestals as such movies as Avengers Assemble, it's just that good. Espionage, explosions, emotions, every “E” is covered by this film. Unlike other animated films, which appeal to kids whilst giving the parents a good chuckle, this film has the adults on the edge of their seat, exploring things like the determination of a married couple's relationship, and cheating. If this isn't enough to persuade you, we have one last thing to say: Edna Mode...

 ...and guest.

 Inside Out is released in the UK on July 24th.

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