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In the last few issues you may have noticed Watto’s Emporium, which rounds up some of the best merch that we found across the online galaxy. However this monthly gathering leaves a lot of room, so starting today and every Friday hereafter, STARBURST brings you the Watto’s Emporium Weekly Top 3. So without any further ado, lets take a look at what we found this week that got our geeky senses all a fluster…

3. The Flash T-shirt (alltheheroes.co.uk, £9.99)

Well seeing as CW’s brilliantly fun The Flash: Season 1 is concluding here in the UK on Sky 1 this Tuesday, what better way to celebrate the quicker than a hiccup hero than with this vintage shirt from alltheheroes.co.uk. The shirt features the classic hero tear arsing across the streets of a black and white New York and is a simple but effective way to shout your love for the scarlet Speedster.

2. Boba Fett Bottle Opener (thefilmcell.co.uk, 14.99)

Just when you thought Boba Fett couldn’t get any cooler, here he comes in 4 inch, silver, magnetised form to aid you in your beverage supping over the weekend. This neat bottle opener from thefilmcell.co.uk is a great looking piece of merchandise that allows you to celebrate Star Wars, whilst drinking as much “as you wish”. Don’t overdo it though, or the next time you wake up it could be in a dark palace chamber with someone who loves you and nobody wants th…hang on a sec (reaches for six pac).

1. PlayStation Coasters Vol. 1 (yellowbulldog.co.uk, £14.99)

Since when did the PlayStation become such an item of nostalgia?! Ay Caramba we feel old! Oh well the warm feeling we get from these stonkingly brilliant drink coasters (there’s a boozy pattern here this week) from yellowbulldog.co.uk help soothe those fears of advanced aging. Essentially these coasters are replica versions of PlayStation classics: Pa Rappa The Rapper, Gran Turismo, Destruction Derby and Wipeout. These babies have to be the classiest drinks coasters we have ever seen! If this is what volume 1 consists of, we cannot wait to see Vol. 2 (Fingers crossed for Crash Bandicoot), pour yourself a drink (tea, alcohol, blue milk) and dig out those old discs, relishing in their (now retro) glory!

Be sure to keep an eye out every week for our pick of the top 3 funnest, funkiest and freakiest finds in our online merchandising explorations!

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