The ANNABELLE Killer Toy Collection Guide

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The Killer Toy Collection Guide

While possessed doll Annabelle would make a grand addition to any toy collection, she’s not the only haunted/weird/psychotic plaything to stalk to silver screen. So with Annabelle out on Blu-ray and DVD Monday 23rd February, we thought we’d help you keen toy collector with this guide to the most sought-after (and horrific, of course) dolls from cinema history. Collectors be warned though – lockable display cases are an absolute must

Annabelle - The Conjuring/Annabelle

Where To Buy: Not the kind of doll you buy. She’s more likely to just turn up on the doorstep in a box.

Typical Owners: Stay-at-home mums, or anyone else likely to be at home alone a lot and easily turned into a bag of nerves.

Unique Features: Turning her own head at conveniently horrific moments and wandering around the house on her own.

Preferred Killing Method: She’s more into stalking and weirding people out than actual murder. We still wouldn’t trust her with a knife.

Blade - Puppet Master

Where To Buy: Psychic collectors’ fairs, haunted antique stores, that sort of place.

Typical Owners: Loopy magicians who have discovered the ancient Egyptians’ magical secrets. Which mostly involves bringing inanimate objects to life for shenanigans of dubious morality.

Unique Features: Aside from being a sentient being, impressive in itself, Blade comes with a hook and knife for hands. Handy for the kitchen too.

Preferred Killing Method: With his natural appendages there’s seldom need to deviate from the classic hack ‘n’ slash.

Chucky - Child’s Play

Where To Buy: Coming from the popular ‘Good Guys Doll’ range, Chucky is available in all good toy stockists. Batteries not included. Voodoo possession guaranteed.

Typical Owners: Kids with vivid imaginations who no one will ever believe.

Unique Features: Walking, talking, and an insatiable taste for bumping people off in a comedic fashion.

Preferred Killing Method: He’s racked up plenty of victims over the years, usually with something classic like a knife or hammer, though he’ll occasionally leave the gas on for something more dramatic.

The Demonic Toys- Demonic Toys

Where To Buy: They haven’t made it to shelves yet – mostly due to the fact they’re channeling a demonic spirit, who likes to kill anyone who enters the Toyland Warehouse.

Typical Owners: See above. A shame, because with names like Jack Attack, Baby Oopsy Daisy and Grizzly Teddy, they could be this Christmas’s big seller.

Unique Features: Each comes with its own special skills, whether it’s strangling, biting, tearing faces off etc.

Preferred Killing Method: There’s nothing like teamwork to get the job done.

Fats - Magic

Where To Buy: As an extension of the owner’s fragmented mental state, this kind of ventriloquist dummy is best handmade for the personal touch.

Typical Owners: Borderline psychotic murderers ready to be tipped over the edge – especially those who enjoy a sideline in dining on human flesh, fava beans and Chianti.

Unique Features: Intense jealousy over his owner and ability to control their actions.

Preferred Killing Method: Stabbing or using its own hard, wooden, head to bludgeon his victims. 

‘The Clown Doll’ - Poltergeist

Where To Buy: It’s hard to imagine this being sold anywhere due to the fact it’s the most terrifying-looking toy of all time.

Typical Owners: Wholesome families who happen to live on the site of an old Indian burial ground.

Unique Features: Particularly good acting out little boys’ worst nightmare i.e. jumping out on them and dragging them under the bed.

Preferred Killing Method: He’s more about the scares. It’s the child-snatcher ghosts you want to be really careful of.

Babyface - Toy Story

Where To Buy: Made from the kinds of discarded bits of broken toys usually found at a car boot sale.

Typical Owners: Nine-year-old psychopaths with a penchant for blowing up little plastic men.

Unique Features: Despite his terrifying appearance, this one’s got a talent from fixing broken toys. Although some would say being a baby’s head welded onto a mechanical spider body is his most distinctive feature.

Preferred Killing Method: This one’s a pacifist, though he might accidentally scare you to death. 

‘The Dolls’- Dolls

Where To Buy: Handcrafted by vengeful witches, these are very rare items indeed. Though you can find just about anything on eBay these days.

Typical Owners: Innocent children with wicked stepparents just asking to get their comeuppance.

Unique Features: As well as being beautiful examples of lovingly made, hand-painted toys, they also contain the cursed souls of the wicked.

Preferred Killing Method: Dragging victims into the attic to make them “one of us”.

ANNABELLE is available on Blu-ray™ and DVD February 23rd. Out now on Digital HD.

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