Interview: Lou Ferrigno | WIZARD WORLD '14

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Interview with Lou Ferrigno

Convention season is in full swing, and that means it's interview time! Pop culture gatherings provide the perfect opportunity to meet and talk to the actors and creators who make the movies, shows, and comics we see daily.

One of this year's most exciting conventions, Wizard World, recently connected us with Lou Ferrigno, a world-renowned actor who played the Hulk in the '70s television show and who currently voices the not-so-jolly green giant in the Marvel movies. Our interview with Mr. Ferrigno was conducted as part of Wizard World Philadelphia, and you can read it below!

STARBURST: Your roles have spanned many different genres. You did things like The Hulk TV series in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as a recurring role in King of Queens. How difficult was it to adapt to these different types of roles? What was the challenge of doing comedy versus playing the Hulk?

Lou Ferrigno: Comedy is not easy, mainly because while filming a sitcom you're in front of a live audience. I've done a lot of acting and theater training because I enjoy doing drama. But I love comedy because when you're taking the writing off the paper and delivering the lines, you have to be funny, you can't really pretend to be funny. But I love performing in front of a live audience because I just love that instant gratification.

Besides talent, what do you think is the most important quality every actor must have?

You have to have the background. You have to understand the script and enable yourself to get into the character. That takes time, and as long as you're aware of that, you'll get caught into it.

When you first started landing roles and making a name for yourself in the industry, what about the film industry surprised you the most?

The media, and how the three different TV series I was doing became famous all over the world, how much people loved to watch TV, and how people embraced the characters and all the things I've done. It really surprised me. I'm really impressed and overwhelmed by it.

What kinds of things do you look for in roles you audition for?

What's most important is that they have a character I'm interested in. I have to make that connection with the character. I want to be able to feel the character and not just say the lines.

Are there any actors or actresses who you've only worked with one time that you'd love working with again?

Well, I enjoyed working with Judd Nelson on my last film and a couple of TV actors because they don't have the ego. Sometimes I work with actors that have egos and they interfere with my work. Edward Norton is another one. He's a fine actor and he's very respectful.


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