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HALO 4: FORWARD UNTO DAWN, a web series based on the best-selling games, follows a group of marines in training. When they come under attack from the Covenant, an alien race which follow a devout religion, what they've learned is put to the test. Starburst had the opportunity to talk to Tom Green, who stars as Lasky, one of the new recruits at the academy.

SB: Before we get into Halo, did you study acting or was it something you found outside of school? 

TG: I started acted as a child, in small theatres and musicals, nothing too involved. It started really when I was 13, when I was picked up by an agent. It snowballed from there and was the main focus of my teenage years.

SB: What was your initial reaction to acting when you started?

TG:  A lot of actors talk about how it's a fun job to be someone else. You can play characters from another country or another world and it's that which drew me in. It made me more open-minded.

SB: Which actor inspired you the most or what were your main influences?

TG: It's only recently when I started to notice what actors did. People like Jake Gylenhaal in films like Donnie Darko and seeing where he has come has been interesting to see. Also people like Ryan Gosling or Edward Norton.

SB: Were you a fan of the original Halo before you got the role?

TG: I was playing it at friends’ houses here and there, not really giving it much thought. It was only in the rehearsal process or in boot camp during pre-production that I became more interested in the Halo Universe.

SB: Tell us about the 'boot camp' process you had to go through.

TG: The boot camp was 2 weeks and it was intense! I walked in saying “Imagine if there was a drill sergeant” and there was one waiting for us as we walked in.  He's yelling at us from the beginning. We learned how to hold weapons, we learned hand-to-hand combat, and it was very involved.

SB: That's good, as it bolsters the authenticity of the show.

TG: No doubt, it helped with the little things like posture and we were told what we could do and couldn't do. It also helped with building relationships with the other actors as we'd all been through the same thing.

SB: What did you have to work with in terms of the set?

TG: The Warthog was real, however, for the academy, we did cheat a little. We shot one corridor from different angles to give a sense of scale.

SB: What was it like filming the action scenes?

TG: I've never been on a set with so much death! But it was interesting to see how the make up was done for the injuries. There was only issue with the mortars. There's rubble and dirt in drums which are fired out to make it like shrapnel from an explosion. The material from that hit me in the face and it's that shot that is in the final cut.

SB: Getting into the narrative, the show has clear structure and is well paced.

TG: Yeah, it is well paced and there is a build up which helps build the anticipation. The pay off is the moment we see the Master Chief. I'm not a Halo super fan but seeing him was so confronting and awesome! In the suit, he is 300lbs and over 8 feet. That's a fact and it's pretty awesome to see.

SB: Indeed it must be. Were there any downsides to filming the show or was it all positive?

TG: Where we shot in Vancouver, it's really cold and that's pretty much the one negative thing to say. Apart from that, the whole experience was really positive. Everyone pulled together to make sure we delivered the best show possible.

SB: Without spoiling too much, we will say Lasky is involved in Halo 4. How do you feel having your character being involved in such a well-crafted universe?

TG: You know, I can now honestly say it's a honour to be part of something so well detailed. The franchise is almost up there with Star Wars in terms of scale. What can I say, it's amazing!

SB: What's it like seeing the finished show?

TG: It's great seeing all the hard work pay off. It's great to see the CGI, the actors, and all the creatures on the screen. The quality of TV in general now is as good as the biggest Hollywood films. The stories are becoming more complex, it'll be amazing to see how TV will evolve in the coming years.

SB: What are you watching on TV now?

TG: I watch Breaking Bad; that's one of my favourites. I also really like American Horror Story and Walking Dead. I also like British TV shows, one of my favourites being Extras.

SB: And what else can we see in you in, in the coming months or years?

TG: I am starring in a NBC show called Camp. It's a 10 episode series set in a Midwest family summer camp. It involves a varied bunch of characters.

SB: It must have been a sharp contrast going from holding a rifle to starring in a comedy show about a mid-western family camp!

TG: I'll tell you what's a bigger contrast - that's going from playing a gay Jewish ballet dancer in Dance Academy to fighting off aliens alongside the Master Chief. That right there is the definition of contrast!

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn is out now on Blu Ray and DVD.

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