Interview: Charlie Brooker

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You're A Good Man, Charlie Brooker

Ahead of next issue's in-depth chat with the acclaimed writer/producer/presenter, we asked our friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook to suggest some extra questions to put to Charlie Brooker and he answered them. Just like he probably would have done if anyone had asked him the same questions directly on Twitter or Facebook. So, er, well, good on him for humouring us anyway.

What was the first horror film you saw?

It was King Kong. The proper 1933 version with Fay Wray, not the recent remake. Something about it, the mood, all the way through, and that style of model animation when Kong appeared spooked me. It has that jerky, unnatural, inorganic appearance, the way the fur moved, so even as a kid I could perceive the uncanny valley. The same with anything animated by Ray Harryhausen, particularly the skeletons in Sinbad.

Would you consider writing a novel, or maybe making a graphic novel?

When I'm done with the other things I’m doing, maybe. There was once a graphic novel of the Black Mirror episode, 15 Million Merits, around but I don't know what happened to it. So, yes, maybe. When I’m done

How old will your son have to be before you start scaring him with TV and films? 

Well, he watches In the Night Garden, and he likes Iggle Piggle. Some people might find those characters a bit weird. But I don't go out of my way to let him watch scarier stuff.

Why haven’t you written an episode of Doctor Who? Would you like to be the series’ next showrunner?

I haven’t been asked. It’s as simple as that. I don't know why. I would love to. But I would struggle with the idea of actually running it, though. I'd have to consider it. It's like being asked to be Chancellor of the Exchequer. It's a position of monumental importance, but so much of it is a business. It'd be like running TARDIS Ltd. I don't know if I'd be able to maintain the necessary focus. Most of the time I struggle to get to the end of my own sentences. 

Have you ever gone to a sci-fi convention? Or are you worried you might like it?

I haven't been to one. I probably would like it if I did. People are mostly quite nice, really.

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