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Starburst caught up Booboo Stewart, Amadou Ly, Marisa Quinn and Judith Shekoni, four of the stars of the final installment of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn - Part 2, which is released this week. Here’s what they had to say…


Starburst: We’re going to ask you a question that you probably get everyday, but here goes anyway… How’d you get that name?!

Booboo: My mother gave it to me as a nickname.

We like it! You have a musical background. Let’s talk about that…

Yes, I have three sisters which I performed with two of them in the band, Echoes of Angels. I also took up dancing which I love and was in Eminem’s video, Just Lose It and went on tour with Miley Cyrus on her Best of Both Worlds tour. 

Sounds like a blast. So, your Twilight character, Seth Clearwater, what’s going on with him in the final chapter? 

Seth has a lot on his mind with the situation he’s given, but without giving anything away, he’s makes the right decision in his predicament.

Spoilers!!! Did you wear a lot of make up for the movie?

Not at all. It was all CGI.

Do you think this will really be the final installment of the Twilight series?

It seems that way as it ends on a high note like Harry Potter did.

Maybe they’ll go through with that rumoured spin-off. What else have you got coming up?

I did a short film called, Running Dear. I really liked doing that film as the script was so great. I play Jonah in Dave DeCoteau’s, Hansel and Gretel film. The Phoenix Larson role in Intrepid is a great part which is a well-thought out story of how someone can dodge or accept paths in their lives with consequences that affect them or the people around them. White Frog was another good story dealing with life’s ups and downs and there’s Space Warriors where I got to work with Dermot Mulroney, Danny Glover and Mira Sorvino. I got to go through astronaut training for the role. That was a lot of fun!


Starburst: What interested you in acting?

Amadou Ly: I wanted to work as a computer science engineer. I entered a project in a robotic competition and got first place, but it turned out that they discovered that I came to the United States illegally from Senegal. Some big name actors and my friends helped me gain my citizenship for which I will always be grateful. I was incredibly shy in front of people talking to them and it was suggested by a friend of mine that I take acting lessons to overcome that. It gave the confidence I needed as I started to enjoy acting more and more, so I changed careers.

How did you come to get the part of Henri?

I learned about the role through Facebook and submitted my photo and name. I got the chance to audition for the role and when I got the sides, I felt that I was really close to the character and what Henri was going through. I also speak fluent French so that was a plus. When I learned I got the role, it was a wonderful feeling!

What’s Henri up to in Breaking Dawn - Part 2?

He’s from the French coven. This was the first time they included a new character that was not in the books. This shows that the vampire and werewolf are just not limited to the United States, but all over the world. He’s in the battle scenes and there’s a lot of interesting moments he deals with the characters.

Can you tell us about what you’ve got coming up next?

There’s negations going on for some films I can’t talk about, but I did finish a film with Jessica Goldberg called Swimming Pool.

With your passion for acting now, do you ever think of writing or directing in the future?

That would be awesome if that happened, but if there was anything that else I would like to do I would probably focus on music.

You should have a chat with Booboo, he might be able to hook you up.


Starburst: So, what’s Hulien’s role in the final Twilight?

Marisa Quinn: She’s traveling with her nephew from the jungles of South America. They travel solo and keep to themselves for obvious reasons, but become involved with the situation in the final film.

Was acting your first career choice?

Yes. All I can say is I love what I do.

The late Robert Culp told me that - do what you love in life and you’ll be happy.

I totally agree. Movies are a magical world. As an actress, I get to pretend to be someone else. Live out their hopes, suffer through their defeats, deal with life in general with a wide range emotions and artistic expression.  Movies are an inspiration to all of us.

You’re involved with a film called, Sweet Mary & Jane

Yes, that’s from my Monarch Media production company I formed. I got to co-create a pilot for TV that we wanted to do as a series as well as co-produce and co-star in. We’ve now focused on it as a feature film. It’s traveling around at the film festivals now.

Do you see yourself in the director’s chair one day?

Absolutely! It’s a natural progression. I’ve directed off Broadway theater and I loved it!


Starburst: Did you always want to be an actress?

Judith Shekoni: I kind of knew what I didn’t want to do as a child and that wasn’t being stuck behind a desk for the rest of my life.  I wanted to travel, see the world and have fun. I gravitated towards acting and loved it! 

Everyone has odd jobs when they’re starting out as an actress or actor. What were some of yours?

Ha, ha! Plenty! The first job I had was at 11 as a parade girl that walked the dogs past the bettors in the greyhound stadium on race day. At 13, I had to fill 5lb, bags of potatoes. The glamorous life!

Cool! Who were your influences as an actress?

My mom brought me up, so I’d say she’s the major influence, but as for films it was watching Steven Segal and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. I love action films!

We need to make you a Bond girl!

I’d love it!

For the non-Twilight experts reading, could you explain Zafrina’s character?

She’s an Amazon warrior that has a special mental power enabling her to influence other people’s minds with illusions.

What’s up next for you?

I’ll be doing a film in Nigeria in January and a lot of promotional tours for Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2.


Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 opens on November 16th.

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