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Danay García is a hugely talented actress who many genre fans will fondly remember from her time on the monumental Prison Break. Several projects later, and she debuted as Luciana Galvez in Fear the Walking Dead’s second season. Having gone on to become a huge favourite of many Fear fans, Danay returned as a series regular for the series’ third season. With the show’s hotly-anticipated return just around the corner we were lucky enough to catch up with Danay to discuss Luciana, all things Fear the Walking Dead and even a bit of Bond ahead of the series’ mid-season return.

STARBURST: Having left one colony that was besieged by militia only to wind up in another, do you think Luciana may have no choice but to go it alone now?

Danay García: Absolutely. She’s lost so many people in her live. Everything she could possibly have or belong to has completely gone. Now landing in this other new place, it’s basically La Colonia run by a militia. She has no pack, she’s on her own.

Do you think that Luciana wants Nick to follow her to Mexico?

Absolutely, absolutely she wants to. She’s really conflicted about what’s happening with Nick. She often says we’re family, she likes family values. She understands what it means to has family now at the time of the apocalypse, but at the same time the rules that this family have… they have no rules, they don’t have any values than belong to her culture. These people killed colonies, so she can’t fight him but she can’t fight with him - she’s on her own. She wishes that the family weren’t there but she respects that. So it’s really conflicting what she’s going to.

In a world where happily-ever-afters are quite a rarity, what future do you think Luciano is hoping for?

Well, happily-ever-after, I think she’s looking for her own community, for her own pack of people. She understands that together we’re stronger, especially now. The zombies are obviously an obstacle, but the big obstacle now is the living not the dead, which is unusual. But in Mexico that’s how it works. So she’s looking for a family. It’s now conflicting her world. In a perfect world she would’ve loved to have had another La Colonia and everybody would’ve had their own command, then it would be this great place that could be safe for everybody. She’s not asking for much [laughs].

The comparisons are inevitable, but how do you feel that Fear the Walking Dead differs from the original The Walking Dead?

The one thing that we have in common is that we’re surviving the apocalypse, we’re doing everything we can. I think Fear is more family orientated, it’s more like what families are like. In your family, that’s how you learn to deal with people, like your mother, your father. Every member of the family has a different way of approaching life, even with kids you try to raise them the same but they’re different. So you kind of learn how to deal with them and them with you, so you become flexible in the society and the world. That’s family. And I feel that with Madison, Nick has been like the child that is abusive with the world of drugs, then having a daughter that hates the fact that he’s getting all the attention. With family, even though it’s not perfect, that’s how you learn to deal with society. I feel that in Fear we go in to dealing with what life is like in a family; it’s not perfect, the world is turning upside down, but how are we going to stay together because it’s challenging. I will always be your mother, I will always be your sister, so you just have to hang on together. In The Walking Dead, you have a group of people that become a family. In the apocalypse, they become a family. I feel that both of them are really interesting but I feel that in Fear it’s more like ‘you’re stuck with me’. Like Nick walks away from his own family but they follow him because they’re stuck with each other. You find your way back, it’s part of survival.

So if the zombie apocalypse really happened tomorrow, what three things would you grab from your apartment before you left?

I would grab a lot of water, like a lot of water. In a perfect world, I think I would have a lot of chocolate with me. I would think, “Oh, it’s really happening,” so the only thing I could think about would be, like, eating a load of chocolate for two hours. And the third thing, I would just grab a couple of weapons, like some knives and stuff. After eating a lot of chocolate, I would be, like, “Okay, okay, it’s time to do this.” I think a lot of water, chocolate, knives.

The release date for the next Bond movie was recently announced, would you be interested in appearing in a Bond film?

Absolutely! That’s actually one of my dreams. I actually auditioned for Quantum of Solace. I auditioned so many times. That was at the time of the writers’ strike, and I could do it but there was a clause in my contract that I could not work for a certain amount of time. Bond was looking to be a six-month commitment, and they went to the network but I couldn’t do it. I was so bummed. It’s been in the back of my mind to always be a Bond Girl. Or I could be Bond, why not?

You’ve worked incredibly hard on your career so far and things don’t seem to be slowing down, so what’s next for you?

I’ve got a movie coming out called Sniper: Ultimate Kill. I did this movie in my hiatus between Seasons 2 and 3. It was really challenging, and my character is this DEA agent who is looking for a guy who knows how to hide really well, like Pablo Escobar. So she’s really obsessed with finding this guy. It’s for Sony, it’s an American film. I have a team that are helping me find this guy, and there’s this woman that’s extremely obsessed with finding the truth behind a sniper, because it’s about this sniper, it’s about this bullet. And I get to the bottom of it. It was so fun shooting it. There was bombs and it was crazy, it was so fun, so much action, so much fighting. It’s a movie that I’m really excited about. It’s going to be my first real action movie. I’m really looking forward to this coming out October 3rd.

Fear the Walking Dead returns Sunday 10th September in the US and Monday 11th at 9pm on AMC UK, on BT TV.


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