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New and upcoming director Kurtis David Harder had two films screened during the recent Horror Channel FrightFest – Incontrol, which he directed, and Still/Born, which he produced. STARBURST had the pleasure of catching up with him during the event.

STARBURST: How has social media changed the landscape of creative writing?

Kurtis David Harder: I think it has changed how we live. The idea of living out of your own skin is interesting in this film. Samantha is a character who likes the idea of living without consequence.

Incontrol returns to the well-trod world of dangerous technology. Are you a phobe or phile when you deal with it?

Definitely a technophile. I am a product of the Internet era and I had a Mac OS 9 when I was younger.

How did you select your cast?

A lot of it was found locally. One of the actors was found in London and our leads, Anja and Levi, were found via our pool of talent. A big thing was meeting the actors and finding out what their intentions were.

What was the budget and schedule?

It was very low-budget and shot in twenty-three days with pick-ups. We had fifty-plus speaking roles and twenty-plus locations.

Given a bigger budget, what sort of story could you tell?

Every creative wants a bigger budget to achieve their aims. A limited budget forces you to become more creative compared to a bigger budget. It’s a good way to solve problems

Finally, what’s your next project?

I have a couple of scripts I want to get off the ground. Since Incontrol, I have completed four films, but don’t want to disclose anything at present.

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