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We catch up Isabelle Allen - the face of the big screen version of Les Miserables -and now the star of Let’s Be Evil, now available on VOD…

STARBURST: Tell us about your character in LET’S BE EVIL…

Isabelle Allen: My character Cassandra is a clever girl who comes across as very sweet to Miss Jenny, one of the chaperones. But there is another side to her as the story unfolds.

It must be such a contrast going from an Award-winning film like Les Miserables to this low-budget film. How did you get the opportunity to do this film and what attracted you to it?

I was put forward for an audition. When I read the script it looked very exciting and the role was very interesting and challenging.

How have your family reacted to the film?

My family loved it! They actually spent quite a lot of time on set with me so they were keen to see the completed film. I think they have watched it a few times now.

The film is technology-based in tone and story. Do you like technology and what it can offer?

I really like technology and how it has evolved. I am not an expert when it comes to technology but I enjoy using it and it amazes me.

How do you keep yourself grounded as a teenager?

I spend a lot of time with my family and friends and I do what any other teenage girl would do, such as shopping with my friends, family movie nights. I also go to a normal school, mixing and socialising with friends every day. My family have always been keen to make sure my feet are firmly on the ground and I think of myself as a normal school girl who just happens to do films and acting.

How did you get on with both the children and your adult co-stars in the film?

I really liked working with the other children they were very sweet and became very friendly with them. I loved working with the adult co-stars. I have become very good friends with the adult cast and crew. I would say we have become like one big family.

What was it like working with the director Martin Owen?

I really loved being directed by Martin. He is lovely. He is a perfectionist and he has a really patient nature. We still keep in touch and he has been a real help to me. We worked really hard but He made filming fun.

Cassandra comes across as different to the other children in the film. Sometimes being different makes you a target for other children. Do you have a good group of friends your age?

I have a really good group of friends, both at school and through acting as well. I am very lucky to have friends who treat me exactly the same way as they treat anyone else. We have a lot of fun.

What are your favourite school subjects?

Obviously, I love Drama, and I also like Art. I will be taking Drama, Art, Music, and Textiles as my specialist GCSE subjects.

When you grow up, would you like to be somebody in front of or behind the camera?

That is a good question because whilst I am very keen to continue to act in front of the camera I think it might be interesting to learn the skills of directing at some stage of my career.

Who are your heroes in life?

My family are my ultimate heroes in life, but in acting it has to be Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman because they have been such an inspiration to me.  Hugh still keeps in touch by e mail on a regular basis. It is always lovely to hear from him.

What sorts of games do you like playing?

I like a lot of sporting games, but I really like a good game of charades. !!

What films and TV programmes do you enjoy watching in your spare time?

I love watching reality TV shows like Made in Chelsea and Americas Next Top Model , but I recently really got into the new TV drama called Victoria. The acting was fantastic and I love the fact that is true British history.

What was the last book you read?

A book called This is What Happy Look Like written by Jennifer E Smith.

Finally, what is your ultimate dream?

My dream is have a happy and successful acting career and to travel the world doing it. I want to take on really challenging roles like the challenge Eddie Redmayne had when he played Stephen Hawking in the theory of everything. That was incredible.

Let's Be Evil
is available on VOD now.  

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