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Sci-fi horror film Night People opens this weekend in Ireland, and we caught up with director Gerard Lough to discuss his feature debut…

STARBURST: Why did you pick Night People as the subject matter?
Dark, unusual and extreme people are interesting to me - although at arm’s length would be preferable! When I would be staying the night in the city and couldn't sleep, I would poke my head outside the window to watch the activity on the streets below and there they would be: Night People. Being a creative type, I could never help but imagine stories to go with these individuals whose strange and dramatic lives called for them to up at that time doing whatever it was they were doing. Needless to say a lot of them are out there for reasons other than working a night shift. Besides, an outsider will always be a hell of a lot more interesting than a well-adjusted popular guy.

The framing device of the two arsonists talking is quite unusual. Why did you go for that?
From a practical standpoint, it allowed the start of principal photography to be a little easier on myself by having one of the stories all contained within one interior location - a vacant house in this case. The other two stories took me all over the bloody country from everywhere from a nightclub to a waste-ground at 2 A.M. Thematically, it let me tick the boxes of things I wanted to do in a movie such as have a story take place all in one night, use the unreliable narrator technique and explore ideas such as can a place where something wicked occurred leave behind a trace of that event that some people will sense as soon as they enter.  

Can we expect more stories about Night People?
I haven't given it serious thought as I'd like to do something different and besides, given what goes down at the climax of Night People, continuing the story gives me a migraine just thinking about it!

Night People plays at cinemas in Ireland from November 13th and is reviewed here. A full interview with Gerard will appear in a future Independents Day in STARBURST.

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