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Victor Wright is the multi award winning author responsible for stories such as the futuristic zombie horror bloodbath T.E.A.L (Total Elimination of All Life) and the very popular Light of Darkness trilogy. His latest project is the rage fuelled Blood Red Moon, currently being funded via Kickstarter. We caught up with him to find out more.

STARBURST: What is Blood Red Moon?
Victor Wright: Blood Red Moon is a story of captivity, deceit, carnage and lust. The perfect elements for a great horror. It’s about a clan of Vikings that want to conquer their adversaries and at the same time grow their army by means of loyalty to the pack.

Why Vikings?
I chose a Viking setting to start the story off because I wanted it to be a blood bath and who else in history were more violent than the Vikings. For a while I’d been toying with scenes of warriors yielding oversized axes and swords slaying their enemies, whilst huge werewolves torn into the flesh of the unfortunate. Normally, the werewolf is seen as a lone assassin - until now they have never really worked with anyone to achieve goals. It’s exciting.

Is the horror comic coming back?
Has it really gone away? We’ve been thrilling our audience with horror comics for the last two years and have constantly been selling out. There are some great titles on the market. You only have to check out Image, IDW and Avatar to see how popular horror actually is. On top of that the indie market is buoyant with great titles; Escape from Jesus Island, Zombie Bears, Vampire Vixens there are lots. And then you have the crowd funders like Kickstarter who are bringing some awesome new titles. Keep your eyes open for ‘Post-mortem’.

Carlos Villas’s art is very distinct; how did you end up collaborating with him?
Carlos is amazing. He sent me some examples of his work and I knew straight away he was the right person to illustrate the story. He’s such a great guy to work with and his artwork delights every time. I rarely make changes to his work; I’d rather change my script. But don’t tell him that!

Is Kickstarter the future of indie comics?
I see Kickstarter as an opportunity to broaden our readership. Personally, I don’t think you should put a project on there, if it’s the only means to fund it to fruition. It’s there to help you - not be the only answer. Indie creators use the crowd funding platforms to assist them in different ways – I’ve heard some successful stories and some nightmares. Projects that appear to be a certain win fail, whilst others success rate is immense. At the end of the day it comes down to what people want to read and how you market the project to your audience.

What’s next for you?
At the moment I’m writing several titles and I’m working on a new novel. But I do have a great idea forming about a serial killer which allows me to combine  horror and crime together. It’s probably a way off though as I have big plans for several spin off stories for Blood Red Moon.

How can we help?
We need the money from the Kickstarter pledges to help us print the new comic (which is nearly completed). People can help by sharing the links to the campaign on their social media, blogs and websites to raise awareness and of course by making a pledge themselves. We’re really excited to be doing this book we want you to share our excitement by getting behind us.

You can find out more about Blood Red Moon via their Kickstarter page here.

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