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Steven Ingram is a UK based cartoonist and illustrator who is best known for his website, Blurred Lines, as well as comic books such as The Street Circus and The Saddest Whale and Other Stories. His latest project is a supernatural mystery called The Standing Stones, and is launching via Kickstarter. We caught up with him to find out more.

STARBURST: What is The Standing Stones?
Steven Ingram: The Standing Stones is a supernatural mystery story that takes place in the North East of Scotland. Set in the late 1960s, a folk musician called Taylor Kite is in a creative rut and he heads off into the wilderness in search of inspiration. He comes across the village of Forven by chance and decides to stay for a few days. Soon though, he becomes embroiled in a mystery surrounding a local myth about a black dog and the set of standing stones outside the village.

Why are the British so obsessed with Paganism?
That is an interesting question! At a guess I’d say that we are fascinated by, and maybe admire or fear, people who hold on to the Old Ways on the fringes of society, even in the face of the ‘normalising’ effects of civilization. I’m no expert on this kind of thing though!

Is it closer to The Wicker Man or Welcome to Nightvale?
I’m not too familiar with Welcome to Nightvale, but I definitely took a lot of inspiration from The Wicker Man as well as old legends of mythical creatures.


Why Underbelly Comics?

When we talked about it before I signed up they said they were going for content like Top Shelf with the creator-owned ethos of Image and that sounded like a good fit for me.

How different is this from your other work?
I’ve written in a number of different genres and explored various themes, but something that my longer comics tend to have in common is a central mystery that gradually builds over the course of the story until everything is revealed.

What's next?
I’m currently self-publishing an eight-issue miniseries called Left about a girl who is trying to stay away from a cult she was a member of in the past. Four issues are out so far so that plan is to continue with that.

How can we help?
Any donations to The Standing Stones Kickstarter would be much appreciated! I’m really proud of the story and it would be great to see it in print. Also, spreading the word on the social media of your choice would be a big help too.

You can find out more about The Standing Stones by checking out the crowd funding campaign here


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