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ALICIA HOLLINGER is one of the most gifted women artists working in Hollywood today. A lover science fiction, horror and fantasy movies, TV shows and books she took time out of her busy schedule to talk to STARBURST.

STARBURST- Where did you grow up and what made you decide to become an artist?

Alicia Hollinger- I grew up in New York City but actually lived in London for over a year as a child when my father was working there for Paramount Pictures. I also visited my grandmother in L.A. a lot, and so was kind of bi-coastal, and decided by the time I was 11 that I was going to eventually move to L.A. I never went to school to be an artist, but I went to arty summer camps as a child and in college was a theater and film major. I liked to draw my own paper dolls as a child, which eventually somehow transformed itself into hot pin-up girl art!

What were you influences?

My influences originally were women's fashion magazines, America's Next Top Model TV show, billboards on the Sunset Strip and girls at LA parties... Then in 2009, I went to San Diego Comic-Con for the first time and everything changed. I started experimenting with sci-fi and fantasy pin-up art rather than high fashion, and having a lot of fun with it! Also, my girls have gotten a lot sexier!

Did you watch sci-fi/horror/fantasy movies or read comic books growing up?

Growing up, the only comics I read were Archie and Betty and Veronica. I liked sci-fi books, though, like Ray Bradbury and I loved The Twilight Zone. I wrote my own sci-fi short stories as a child too, always involving the future, aliens, other planets and futuristic technology. I never liked horror, vampires or zombies. I’m into E.T.s, wormholes, inter-dimensional travel and time travel though. And quantum physics and future technology! And lucid dreaming - something I've done naturally since I was a baby in my crib and what first made me question "reality." I was originally more of a socialite than a geek, after my first Comic-Con, I began to identify with aspects of the geek world, with TV shows like Stargate SG-1, Chuck, Battlestar Galactica and Eureka, and the documentary series Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman and Ancient Aliens. I like sci-fi that's plausible, where the science is almost there and on the verge of being "sci-fact." After five Comic-Cons now, I'm proud to say that I finally get most of the references on The Big Bang Theory.

Your artwork is very fluid and unique. Let’s talk about your craft.

My craft - well, basically, it's creating hot gorgeous girls in fun outfits, often sci-fi and fantasy, in bright over-saturated colours. I like creating beauty. I do some tasteful nudity at times, but I don't consider it offensive to women or sexist because, well, I'm a woman who's creating it and it's not just T and A! I think it's actually celebrating women's beauty. I do everything in the computer. My cat would make a mess of everything if I tried to use paints, although that would be fun to do again at some point.

What comic and media projects have you done?

I worked in the film business for quite a while so I have just been getting into this as a full time job lately. I'm thrilled now to have been featured in Heavy Metal Magazine, also a hard cover book published by Heavy Metal (The Art of Agent 88) alongside 87 top artists, and I'm starting to do covers for various comic books. I've shown in Los Angeles-based art galleries and at various Southern California comic conventions. I have a pin-up art book available for sale on Amazon and prints of all sizes and commissions available as well. I'm also in early development on a transmedia project called Quantum Party Girls that is kind of TMZ meets Stargate (laughs)...

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